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More on Juvies at Gallery Place

Anxiety about the number of teens milling around downtown spots like the Gallery Place Metro stop and Fuddruckers prompted a special meeting of the Downtown Neighborhood Association this month.

"Our increasingly popular downtown sometimes creates new and unexpected challenges that the community must meet. One is unsupervised teens who are coming downtown in increasing numbers, creating congestion and other problems," the group's Web site explains. "Our neighborhood offers little for teens beyond a teen club on F Street, a movie theatre on 7th Street, and the occasional sports and entertainment venues at the Verizon Center. Beyond that, we only have the fast-food restaurants and corners for kids to gather. Most of downtown entertainment targets adults; there is little for teens to do and not enough space for them to gather."

The meeting produced 12 recommendations DNA hopes the the Mayor and Council will act on. One of the more interesting propositions being this one: "Work with the DNA and request a meeting with the owner of 915 F Street, where the teen Club Bounce operates, to ensure they are aware of the public nuisance nature of their tenant."

DNA spokesperson Miles Groves says that Club Bounce capitalizes on the fact that there is  already a large group of teens hanging around downtown. However, he adds, residents don't consider the dance spot an enemy. "It's not like we're going to ask them to close," he says. Groves says the association recently discovered the identity of the club's owner, and will likely speak with the entrepreneur about closing the business  at 9 or 10, instead of at 11 p.m.  Closing the club earlier, Groves explains, "will give more time for kids to scatter and go home" before their midnight curfew, avoiding the congestion that happens when they all rush off at once. "Midnight comes pretty quickly," says the downtowner "and then suddenly the curfew wagons come."

—Rend Smith

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  • Decriminalize Youth

    Teens milling around downtown has nothing to do with a stupid teen club. it's just what urban kids have done for decades, it's all i did after school and on weekends in my home city of Philadelphia. they just want to see their friends and be seen, the same as people 21 and over. it's just ashame that there aren't more venues that cater to them (though movie theaters and fast food places are pretty classic hangouts) so they wouldn't have to stand in the street!

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  • Ronaldo Albert

    i saw them at the gibson ampitheartre here in LA they rocked so hard!!! I LOVE U NICK JONAS!! lol wow that does not sound like me.