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Laid Back, Gin & Juice at Smith Point

Someone just forwarded this ad for a Gin and Juice night at Smith Point, sponsored by LNS of course. I'm not sure exactly which design elements make the image so offensive. Perhaps it's the randomly chosen photos of shirtless rappers? I have to wonder if the organizers just don't realize that ironic/nostalgic references to Snoop lyrics come across as racist when the people making said references are best known for their trembling fear of Ethiopians. Or maybe it's so meta I can't even understand.

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  • sw

    Naw, the most racist parts are the drinks. What, did they listen to like half a song and decide that's what Black folks like?

    Reminds me of that old, old Eddie Murphy stand-up bit when some dumbass yells to him "What are you drinking?"

    "What do you think I'm drinking."

    And the next 20 seconds are filled with people yelling the most stereotypical shit ever.

  • J

    Ohhh I can't wait to go to Smith point and pretend to act the way I think black folks act!!!

    What a joke - once again LNS is showing its true colors. White white and more white. Get out the hoods.

  • Reid

    Is that shirtless guy Sugar Ray? I'm confused.

  • Amanda Hess

    so ... who's going to the party?

  • creativemeatie

    With the exception of Snoop Dog, I dont think any of those rappers have glamorized "forties" or "gin and juice" in their lyrics or music videos. Am I right?

  • Will

    Wow, what amazing graphics! My grandmother could have done better with an Etch-a-Sketch. Are the LNS kids too cheap to spend a little trust fund money on someone creative? Oh, that's right...they're spending it all on RBVs and blow. Is anyone else hoping that a bunch of New Black Panthers ambush these racist d-bags when they stumble out of SP drunk with their anorexic skanks?

  • Reid

    Anorexic? I wouldn't call them that, first of all, a good portion of them are healthily "big boned" (and the fact that the preppy look is actually pretty forgiving to the Dress Barn Woman's body may explain the appeal to these decidedly non-anorexics), second of all, the rest of them would probably take it as a compliment to be called anorexic.

  • MP

    Let SP keep attracting the same horrible group of people every Thursday-Saturday evening....that keeps them and their blatant racism all in the same place and away from the rest of DC

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  • Saul Bass

    I, for one, object to the use of Copperplate Gothic Bold. Seriously, guys, you didn't have any sans serif fonts on hand?

  • Dave

    Hey Saul, are you in any way related to Sal Bass a.k.a Salman Rushdie?