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Fuego/Frio: B’nai B’nai Love!

In which Erik praises Metro Weekly, says "mazeltov" to B'nai Mitzvah, and expresses doubt that The Downtowner is actually in its sixth volume.

Meanwhile, we're really digging the food fight over at New York Times Magazine.

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  • Dave

    Was someone trying to page Wemple during the taping of this segment?

  • Erik Wemple

    Yes, that's what was happening. Sorry about that. I think we need to up our production values/lighting a touch.

  • DCDominican

    hey man, so did i hear you correctly, and you're actually going to change that hideous pink shirt?

    you were seriously putting a hurting on my eyes. other than that, FF is a good piece for anyone interested in local media.

  • Erik Wemple

    I misspoke there, DCDominican, but I am taking your point about the shirt into consideration. May be time for a change.

  • Ted Scheinman

    A new shirt! Whatever happened to THESE COLORS DON'T RUN?