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Our Morning Roundup

China to the rescue? Maybe.  Just consider the amount of household debt as a percentage of GDP between China, 13 percent,  and the United States, 100 percent.

Just in time for a recession: $14-a-bottle designer water.

District Heights home-builders collect $1 million from buyers, then never build the homes.

Slate takes a look at a Chinese village that's taking advantage of the potential uses of human poop–as fuel and fertilizer. They call it "night soil."

Ta-Nehisi Coates recommends the documentary on the Weather Underground.

Fair or unfair? Coates and Sullivan disagree on this charming video of some backwoods Americans talking about Obama. What are they sitting on? Giant hobby horse llama?

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  • Trey Graham

    That would be an American Eskimo Dog, I'm pretty sure, sitting on the four-wheeler with the drunk patriotic rednecks. And presumably wondering how to get the hell away from them.