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Whither Options for Underemployed Journalists?

One of the problems faced by journalists contemplating the dismal future of our occupation is our general lack of qualification. Despite our skill at assessing the job performance of politicians, architects and socialites, we tend to find ourselves lacking in demonstrable job skills. We don't know supply chain from matrix management. Not that I've been perusing the options, but I tend to stumble across openings for careers more frightening than the dark side, aka, PR.  Like this one, from First Class Referrals.

Update: Ok! I guess I've been coddled by the alt industry. Potentially NSFW. I guess. But come on. It's craigslist.

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  • Mr. T in DC

    Aargh, NSFW, NSFW!!!!

  • Amanda Hess

    Where do you "W" Mr. T??

  • Ernest

    Cheer up, Ms. Valdez. Nothing dreadful will happen. Look at Amanda being playful and all that. That’s the spirit.

  • Mr. T in DC

    Let's just say I work for a company that would frown upon their employees having their browser open to Escort Service providers on Craigslist. :)

  • Andrew Beaujon

    New York governor's office?