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Just Say No, Gwen

Does it appear Gwen Ifill will benefit from an Obama win?

Hell yeah.

Should she be moderating this debate?

Hell no.

Unlikely as a last-minute bailout seems, if Ifill doesn't back out, we'll know Sarah Palin is, at best, the second cockiest person on that stage.

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  • Adams Morgan

    It's been well known for a long time that Ifill is writing a book about Obama...but holy cow, give Fox News five minutes and it's as if this thing is just breaking now.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Can't believe anyone would think Ifill wouldn't be fair. As she said, she hasn't even written the Obama chapter yet.

    And the McCain camp at least before today--McCain took a shot at her on Fox this morning--supported Ifill as moderator.

  • Dave McKenna

    I now have zero faith that Gwen Ifill's performance tonight will be untainted by her book deal or publicity about her book deal or both.

    if obama loses, that book's never coming out, cuz the "Age of Obama" never happened.

    Mr. Obvious will sign out for now...