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Future McCain Won Tonight’s Debate!

According to Radley Balko, the McCain camp aired the above ad an hour or so before McCain told the press that he would be participating in tonight's debate, which leads one to believe that the McCain team knew there was a chance that his "Campaign to Suspend My Campaign" campaign wasn't going to work.

What a rascal!

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  • sw

    Glad to see that he pulled things together after today's "utter confusion."

  • McCain spanked Odrama

    McCain spanked Obama big time. McCain went after him and Odrama was on the defense. As usual Obama says a whole lot of words, but really says nothing. McCain clearly knew his stuff, Obama has uhh's..ummm's and'sssss..His tutors and coaches slacked shamefully in preparing him this time. Obama answered questions and stretched out his answers, attempting to sound intelligent. The ole boy doesn't really know squat, he tried, but it just ain't working out. I see the Democratic party as the mad scientist..I see Obama as Frankenstein. They took a "body" from the democratic party, who was young, a fresh face and new blood, transplanting and stitching to created a monster. They see him as a puppet, while behind the scenes they pull his strings. It's a attempt to create a demonic counterpart to represent the extreme hard core Democrats and waffled brain liberals to annihilate the image of God and come in agreement with perversion, along with God knows what else if these people take over.

    Note: I'm not calling Obama a monster, so no need to get your bloomers in a wad. Just using a analogy.