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Spike’s Restaurant Cited For Health Code Violations

DCist highlights the news that former "Top Chef" contestant–and champion of hats–Spike Mendelsohn was on the receiving end of a stern DOH inspection. Spike's much-hyped (deserved?) Cap. Hill burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery was cited for several issues, according to a WTOP report.

Violations, the story says, included storing beef in the alley behind the restaurant. Here's part of the account, judge for yourself who's winning the spin war!

"When WTOP asked Mendelsohn about the health code violations, he said the health inspector didn't actually see any problems.

"The health inspector never came in and saw violations," Mendelsohn, 27, says. "It was just a neighbor that was being difficult that had taken a picture right when we get our delivery in the morning. They didn't find meat in the back alley."

But a Sept. 4, 2008 D.C. Department of Health inspection report shows an inspector found raw meat in the same location."

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  • J

    I think we would all be surprised if we saw how many restaurants in this city face health code violations. This is nothing new and people are jumping on him because hes a semi-celebrity.

  • tessa lyons

    It's very common, yes. Spike was under attack because he's a 'somebody.' I know this Segraves writer and he's got a big chip on his shoulder. He should have more journalistic itegrity, if you ask me. Moving on.

  • Eaton

    A blog return to Pleading the Filth is good to see.

  • http://yahoo emily

    where can i get some of that teriyaki sauce?