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Try Harder, Interview

You probably know by now that the newspaper industry is in the crapper—and no amount of image-heavy redesigns, promoted with the help of faux-U2 soundtracks, is going to staunch the bleeding. The same problems are hitting the magazine industry as well. There are plenty of canaries in that particular coal mine; personally, I get a read on it by going through my mail, which routinely includes a plea of some sort by Interview magazine to rejoin its roster of readers.

I subscribed to the magazine a few years back, seduced by a too-good-to-pass-up annual "media professional" rate of $18. I quickly realized I'd overpaid. Flipping through its pages—it kind of encourages flipping and repels reading—I was left with more questions than answers. Why did every record review read like a publicist wrote it? Why was Scarlett Johansson participating in practically every interview and photo shoot? Why was Devendra Banhart in practically everything else? What the fuck are you talking about, Greil Marcus?

So, I let my subscription lapse. Interview kept sending issues for a while anyway, with pleas to resubscribe. Then came mailings asking me to please, please sign up again, at ever-dropping rates. Online, they're pushing a sub rate below $10. But they're willing to sell even cheaper, based on the letter I got yesterday:

Tempting, but no. Sorry, Interview. Start offering me 12 issues for $2, and then we can start talking. I suspect that offer is coming soon.

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  • Jamie

    You'd take it for $2 but not for $8 a year? What's the difference? That's still $2 a year for more trash to haul out, they should be paying YOU.

    I got rid of most of my newspaper and magazine subscriptions long ago for that reason. Luckily, nobody's ever threatened to leave a City Paper on my doorstep.

  • Michael J. West

    It took a subscription to Interview to make you wonder what the fuck Greil Marcus was talking about?

  • Shannon

    I subscribe to six magazines, and a Washington Post lands on my doorstep every morning. Take that, Mother Earth!

  • Mark Athitakis

    It took a subscription to Interview to push Greil Marcus' writing in front of me. Otherwise, I'd been happily oblivious for years.