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Has anyone actually ever stood around a water cooler discussing TV shows? I ask only because I've worked in quite a few offices and have never seen this happen.

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  • Ryan Grim

    I had a water cooler discussion once, but I don't think it was about TV. But we both quickly realized we were talking by the water cooler and it got awkward so we walked away.

  • sw

    About three years ago, I became fully conversant in both Survivor and The Real World completely against my will. Every day at work, the same person would rest both elbows on the receptionist's desk and they would proceed to thoroughly deconstruct each show for a good 30 to 40 minutes.

    I, unfortunately, sat on the other side of the receptionist's cubical wall. One day, about a month or so into the television season, something snapped and I realized I could actually follow the conversation without ever having watched the shows.

    Good Christ, that was a bad year.

    So ... conversations around a water cooler? No.

    Conversations around a ringing, unanswered phone? Yes.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    CP's water cooler is wedged between a countertop, a broken sofa, and a coffee table; you'd have to do a weird dance to make a true water-cooler convo work. But I've worked at offices with better layouts, and no one has EVER lingered at the cooler.

    That said, sometimes people here shoot the breeze around the Keurig. Still, no TV talk that I've been part of.

  • Liz Eckstein

    Oh, Andrew! You weren't around in the late 90s when we were all on the 3rd floor before edit moved downstairs and had multiple water cooler moments about Homicide and the X-Files and a few years later about Buffy. Good times. But you're right, it wasn't literally 'around' the cooler. More like in front of the kitchen door risking getting bashed in.