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Inferring Job Security From Promotional Items: Why Not?

City Paper's new-found promotional intensity does not end with hats. Last week, we got magnets.

They're nice, but they made me kinda nervous because I didn't edit any of the stories featured. What do the marketing people know that I don't? I worried.

Today I'm feeling more sanguine about my prospects for continued employment, because: PENS!

Piles of ’em, on top of the filing cabinet where the office supplies are! And check out what they're promoting:

Yeah, buddy! Young & Hungry? I edit it! Black Plastic Bag? I've totally posted on it! City List? Hey, those InCopy files don't drag themselves onto the server, pal!

Maybe I'll buy that new TV after all.

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  1. #1

    i want my black plastic bag pens joe

  2. #2

    Biting the hand that feeds you might not be the best course of action. Unless your resume is on fire and your ready for the politico...Sweeeeet!

  3. #3

    These were probably dirt cheap or a trade deal. They look cheap.

  4. #4

    City List pens.

    Fucking City List pens, Ben Eason.

  5. #5

    the pens write quite nicely, actually

  6. #6

    no fucking pen is going save your ass.

  7. #7

    Can you send me some?

  8. #8

    Why is Creative Loafing spending money on this crap?

  9. #9

    City List pens? No shit?

    My section is soooooo important. I get it now.

  10. #10

    Glad the Loaf liked my cover (Nice Ass!) more than my job.

  11. #11

    I want the whole Joe Eaton collection! Wherefore art thou, comically oversized Heavy T-shirts?

  12. #12

    Pete's cover and job, I should have said.

    You've got something there, Amanda. You guys could make some cash off CP cover inspired T-shirts.

  13. #13

    I want a T-shirt made out of a rusty yard car!

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