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You Are Now Free to Register Your Semiautomatic Handguns

The mayor has just signed the emergency gun bill passed earlier today by the D.C. Council, reports mayoral spokesperson Mafara Hobson. That means semiautomatic handguns are now legal and you no longer have to have D.C. police perform a ballistics test before taking your gun home. And once it is home, you no longer have to keep it disassembled or keep a trigger lock on it until you feel a "reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm."

Will this placate Congress? Fat chance.

UPDATE, 7:27 P.M.: The Fenty statement: "The Executive and D.C. Council have worked together to adopt common-sense, reasonable laws to prevent handguns from falling into the wrong hands or being misused. I have signed this new legislation passed by the Council today, and believe it fully complies with both the letter and spirit of the Heller decision. We trust that Congress will recognize that it is appropriate that the District legislate in this area of local law."

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  • al gonzales

    Law-abiding DC citizens need guns to protect themselves from the 10,000 criminals here who have guns. Anti-gun nuts are just as ridiculous as people who think that we haven't destroyed the environment & that global warming isn't caused by human activity.
    Smart liberals, including Barak, agree. Silly liberals? Well, you can go defenseless & put yourselves at the mercy of the thugs with guns. oh & good luck.

  • Paul M

    'Smart liberals like barack' ??

    Are you not aware that he's one of the most anti-gun liberals in Congress ?

    He has stated that he considers DC's complete ban, the one the was shot down ( pun intended ) by Heller, to be 'a reasonable local restriction'. He has advocated in Chicago for complete national bans on ALL handguns. He has stated 'handguns have no place in the urban environment', IOW, he sees NO legitimate use for self-defense.

    Make no mistake, and do not listen to his campaign lies post-Heller ! He is a GUN BANNER !!!! always ahs been, still is, always will be !!!

  • Felix

    Obama has also suggested that it is reasonable to limit rifles to bolt actions and to ban gunshops from within 5 miles of schools. Neither of these is any kind of reasonable. he may be smart, he may be liberal, but he sure hasn't embraced the constitution any more than the neocons.