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Bethesda Man Suing Applebee’s, Weight Watchers for Being Too Fatty

Antonio Valiente of Bethesda, who says he has long enjoyed the dishes tagged as Weight-Watchers-friendly at Applebee's, is now suing both the weight-loss program and the restaurant chain on behalf of all calorie-counting customers who, he claims, have been grossly misled. The suit alleges that certain dishes contain about three times as much fat per serving as advertised. For example, that Cajun Lime Tilapia? A lab found it contained about 14.3 grams of fat, rather than the 6 claimed on the menu. The calorie count is up about 25 percent, too.

Valiente, who is not publicly listed, says in a statement through his D.C.-based lawyers (via the Kansas City Star): "If I had known the truth, I never would have eaten at Applebee's."

The giant vats of beer served in glass are, apparently, as advertised. Calls out to the lawyers. Will update with more shocking revelations.

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  • Stating the Obvious

    This hambeast is a moron. As every restaurant worker knows, the more you eat from work, the fatter you get.

  • nettie

    Hey, more power to him. If his facts are true....GO GET THE LYIN BASTARDS!!!!

  • Lance

    What an idiot. If you think you can eat at any resturant and lose weight you've got more fat in your head than in your gut. Take some personal responsibility, get on the treadmill and stop filling the court system with idiotic litigation.