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Time to Get Mad, Manny

Nationals TV viewership is getting worse and worse: Dan Steinberg blogs today on a Sports Business Journal story reporting that a Nats game that aired during Michael Phelps' medal run attracted only 1,600 households, "and a source said that the last half hour of the game was below measurable ratings standards."

That, combined with a horrid squad and only a blip of an attendance boost from a new stadium, can mean only one thing: Manny Acta is due for a Lee Elia-grade blowup. Most baseball fans of a certain age are familiar with the Cubs manager's 1983 rant, which followed a loss before a sparse Wrigley Field crowd. A refresher:

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The Cubs made a serious playoff run the following year, and I'm a firm believer in correlation equaling causality in that case. So if Acta has any hope for the Nats in '09, he needs to stop being polite—even in the face of a potential 100-loss season—and bark a little.

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  • Mike Riggs

    That video is intense. Reminds of my little league fall ball coach. The guy showed up to practices with a mickey of scotch and a bag of cough drops so that he could scream at us until it was time to go home.

    And ma wanted to know why I kept comin' home in tears and smelling faintly of booze.

  • al gonzales

    People in this area should boycott the Nationals for the rest of the season. The Lerner family is yet another bad ownership group for area sports teams. The Lerners are just too cheap to spend any money, & the Nationals will stink for as long as the Lerners own the team.

  • Ernest

    Those were the days. But is that Manny man enough to dare speak like Lee? I'm not sure.