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Last week, Prince of Petworth reported on the closing of Mayorga Lounge in Columbia Heights. Owner Mark Ko wrote in to PoP to offer up his new plans for the space. Quoth Ko:

Though I’m sad to part from Mayorga Coffee I am excited about our new restaurant/bar. We’ll have a sushi bar downstairs in the 14th Street entrance and still have our Korean menu offerred throughout our space.

Today, Mayorga Coffee, LLC released an official comment on the lounge's closure. The Rockville-based coffee importer, it seems, wasn't complicit with Ko's abrupt switch from espresso to sashimi. Writes Mayorga Coffee President Martin Mayorga:

It is unfortunate that Sonic Boom has chosen unilaterally—and we believe in violation of our contract—to change its business from a coffee lounge to a sushi restaurant. We are heartened by the many customers who have expressed their appreciation for and enjoyment of Mayorga Coffee. While we share your concern that the neighborhood is losing an important, locally-owned small business, the simple fact is that we did not operate this store and had nothing to do with its abrupt closing.

Mayorga added that he and the company "look forward to announcing exciting new locations soon."

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  • creative shoes

    I used to buy my coffee beans from that location. Their medium ethiopian roast was off the chizzane.

  • Frank Dunn

    I like Mayorga, too, and have regularly bought their 50 # bag of decaf. Great coffee (which guests don't really think is decaf, assuming that they are fooled and it really IS).

    I also like Tossin and the long tall guy who have worked there (Tivoli).

    I hope that Mayorga will open another shop somewhere in Columbia Heights. In the Target mall would be ideal.

  • Elizabeth

    The owners of what was mayorga lounge, are awful people! They dismissed their employees without consideration of financial need nor two week notice. They also hired illegal and under aged workers. They are unprofessional in their work and have no idea what they are doing half the time.

  • Mark

    Elizabeth: all of the terminated employees should file for unemployment and report those people to the Department of Labor as well as Homeland Security (for hiring illegals). I'm a loyal customer of (the real) Mayorga Coffee and can't believe some of the things that those people at Tivoli did. Mayorga has filed a lawsuit against them and from what I hear, they aren't the only ones.

    You should contact Mayorga to see if they have openings at any of their shops. I frequent the Silver Spring location and everyone that works there is awesome.

  • mary

    I would feel worse for Mayorga if they didn't treat they're employees so poorly.
    Minimal benefits.
    Paying employees who preform management duties minimum wage.
    Making employees open or close the store alone.