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I Vote for Pam

Personally, I thought Barack Obama's speech last night was a tad humdrum. He got a little feisty, for him. But, the challenges to his opponent—"John McCain has voted with George Bush ninety percent of the time"—still seemed staid. He said what he need to say, but for some reason, the deliverance fell, mmmm, I don't know, dare I say it, okay I will: flat.

'Happy, proud American Obama' spoke with the same tone and demeanor as 'Enough is enough, fed-up with the status quo Obama,' and it just wasn't working for me. Plus, the fascinating life story doesn't pop as much the three hundredth time around. Not his fault. But true nonetheless.

When it comes to oratorical ability, I'm throwing my full support behind Pam.

Oh Pam, how you wooed me with your mama-don't-take-no-shit-from-no-one attitude, disillusioned Republicanism, and undaunted appearance in front of 85,000 people. Pam's story definitely fit squarely in with the democratic narrative. She is from Pittsboro North Carolina. She and her husband raised four children together, both worked, and led generally content lives. Then, her husband lost his job and, consequently, the family's medical insurance. Hard times fell on Pam and Mr. Pam. (Her last name is actually Cash-Roper.) It was time to speak out for CHANGE. "I am a lifelong republican who voted for Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush, but I can't afford four more years like this," she told the crowd. "I can't do it! I can't do it!"

Anyway, just watch the video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you could hug Pam through the youtube video. (And for more info on Pam, check this out.)

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  • Katie

    I loved Pam! I hope we get to see her on some campaign commercials this fall, sharing her story and displaying some attitude.

  • Ruth Samuelson

    Yeah, I hope we haven't heard the last of her. I forgot to mention, I actually heard her on the radio last night, and then just dug up this clip today. She made quite an impression.

  • David

    Pam was Ok, but she was no match for Barney Smith, the guy who said this:

    "We need a president who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney."

    Zoom zoom zoom!

  • Mike DeBonis

    Yeah, Barney Smith totally pwned Pam.

  • LooLoo

    I'm sorry, but anybody who voted for Bush in 2000 &/or 2004 IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. They helped hoist that sorry ass fuhrer on all of us !!!

  • eltoroverde

    Pam's story may be compelling to a certain degree but the retelling of it, and others like it, is not going to help Obama win the presidency. If the Democrats are going to run on an "anything but McBush" message, it will fall flat with undecided voters (the key to winning this election). As Pam's example illustrates, undecided voters are not the ones who are hurting right now, because anybody hurting right now is already voting for Obama, most likely. The real question is, do the "woe-is-me, my life was good until Bush and the Republican's ruined it" narratives like Pam's pull in undecided voters? I'm not so sure they do and I worry that the Democrats and Obama are at risk of failing to recognize this critical factor.

  • dcreaderr

    Please. Spare me the pity party. The self serving bi*tch voted for Republicans for over 20 years and, after Watergate, Iran-Contra, Aids, read my lips no more taxes, Kuwait/Iraq round 1, Iraq round 2, the Patriot Act, and on and on and on. Yet she still voted for them. She is exactly what is and will always remain wrong with this country and half of its voters. We are self-serving, short-sighted assh*les. And we are suffering for it.

    I empathize with the fact that she suffered because of shitty health insurance issues and a poor economy but its her own fking fault for not working towards the greater good over the last 20 years. Now she gets to reap what she sowed. America is in the shits because leaders like GWB have screwed us over and over and no one stands up to them. Good riddance. Enjoy your humble pie.

  • tina

    Pam is blaming her health insurance problems on the Republicans??? Has she stepped on a scale or looked in a mirror? The biggest problem, no pun intended, is the fact that Americans don't know when to put the fork down and get up and exercise. Her health problems and her husbands are weight related. The American Health Care System is bogged down in taking care of people who think that eating until they are sick is ok, until the bills come due.
    I'm sorry that they got sick, but Pam and her husband need to take some responsibility in their situation. Americans need to stop blaming, get off of their fat a**es and get healthy!!!

  • Pam Cash-Roper

    Tina...where is it written or spoken by me that I blame Republicans for my health care issues...I take full responsiblity for my healthe issues...where I draw the line is with the inability to obtain and maintain affordable, portable health care for all individuals...THe Republician party has gone so far to the right over the last years I can no longer consider myself a Republican, nor can I back McCain and his voting for Bush 90% 0f the time...It would truly mean 4 more years of the same.