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Moby: Strike for Statehood

DENVER—Yesterday, LL reported that musician and DJ Moby had expressed strong support for D.C. voting rights to Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta while at an event here at the Democratic National Convention.

Well, last night, LL was pursuing some leisure activities out in Denver's warehouse district when Moby walked by, on his way into an art gallery. LL ran him down, and while Moby said he was pressed for time—he had to DJ and Democratic Party event—he was a happy to take a minute to speak, passionately and informedly (is that a word?)—about the District's lack of a franchise:

My comment is, the District has more people than Wyoming and has no representation. It's the nation's capital and has no representation federally, or almost barely any representation federally....For the hundreds of thousands of people who live in the District, I think it's just a shame that this administration's talking about spreading democracy and spreading voting rights abroad when the people living next door don't have the same voting rights and have the same federal representation. And also, if the District becomes a state, as I do believe it should, suddenly you have two senators from the District.

LL asked if he supported the incrementalist approach favored by Eleanor Holmes Norton and D.C. Vote:

I think they should hold out. I think that everyone in the District should go on strike until they get it. Just imagine what would happen to Washington, D.C., if everybody in the District stayed home, nonviolent protest, until it became a state.

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  • Pop Cesspool

    I'm surprised that a bunch of DJs haven't jumped all over your ass, for implying that "musicians" and "DJs" are not the same thing.

  • Pop Cesspool

    There's also the Hold Steady Corollary: "Everyone's a critic/And most people are DJs."

  • creative shoes

    Moby is correct in stating that if DC becomes a state, we will have two senators.

  • Freddie Mick

    uh - Musicians play instruments. DJs spin the music that musicians create.
    DC will never become a state. Moby is right, if people really cared & went on strike, it might happen, but people here just don't care enough to do anything but make a few random demonstrations & come up with an inane slogan [it supposed to be "NO taxation w/o representation" not "taxation w/o representation"].

  • uniongal

    wahoo, Wild Cat General Strike. Although illegal if called for by a union, I'm going to assume here that Moby called for it as a citizen and not necessary a member of a musicians union (Do they allow DJ's in it?).

  • Ernest

    With ya all the way, gal. But why don’t you go on strike for now, eh?

  • Ernest

    Now, Cesspool issued two astute and cultured, grammar-friendly comments. That's what I call good poster.

  • Ernest

    Moby maybe is a composer of the music of some value but his opinions on the District status?... Irrelevant, aren't they? Who does that Moby think he is? A Moby Dick?

    What was LL thinking?

  • Peggy

    Ha ha ha. Ernest, are you stoned? Did you steal the joint from my purse?

  • Nikolas Schiller

    Was that 2004 D.C. Statehood Green Party shadow representative candidate Adam Eidinger's campaign motto? I hope Moby comes DC to play some statehood related shows to raise money for statehood awareness. It's clear that the current effort for 1/3 representation through voting rights (DC Vote) is not going to work and its time that statehood is pushed for again.