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Who Went With Party Unity? Ickes, for One

DENVER—These superdelegates had at one time endorsed Hillary Clinton, but ended up casting their votes for Barack Obama:

  • Most prominently: Harold Ickes, the longtime Dem operative who has been among Clinton's most dogged supporters.
  • Yolanda Caraway, PR strategist
  • Hartina Flournoy, American Federation of Teachers
  • Ben Johnson, DNC deputy chair
  • Elizabeth Smith, DNC member at large
  • Mona Mohib, DNC Asian Pacific Islander American caucus
  • And the there's Ward 5's Harry Thomas Jr., who initially supported Clinton before making an agonizing switch to Obama.
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  • Mike Licht

    Harold Ickes realizes that if the Democrats lose the White House because Clinton supporters throw a hissy fit, Hillary Clinton will be branded as the Spoiler of 2008. She will not have a chance at 2012 or 2016.

  • sara.h

    Harold Ickes was a holdout at that meeting about the FL and MI delegates. He made quite the impassioned speech about Hillary not giving up. Nice that he's not going to be one of those Hillary voters/supporters who just sits this one out.

  • Mike Licht

    sara.h: If I'm not mistaken, Ickes, a super-delegate, voted for Obama.