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ISO Suited Sexy Guy

This Craigslist missed connection—which appears to be directed at Fox 5 News anchor Brian Bolter and all who work with him—was posted last night at 11:57 p.m.

Ch 5 Brian B – 40 (NW)

Brian B on air at 10,,,you are a suited sexy guy..

any1 in the office ever see him his shirt off? hairy? or his shoes off, what size feet?

The posting is accompanied by a photo of Bolter alongside an unidentified man. Both wear shirts.

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  • Reid

    Wouldn't it be easier just to infer someone's footsize by their shoesize? Do you really need to to see them barefoot?

    Or do they suspect that he might be "stuffing"?

  • Amanda Hess


  • Brian

    Ok, Bolter's cute, but he's not Steve Villanueva... Whew... Hooooot (NBC 4 weather guy)

  • Robert

    Brian Bolter is one good looking man, what a hunk! Wish I could see him in his shorts this summer, WOW!

  • Robert

    I Love Brian Bolter,and miss him when he is off on the weekends.

  • Robert

    I want to see brian Bolter's' hairy legs, even just a peek!