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I Was Into Hipster Pandas Before Hipster Pandas Were Cool

A couple days ago, Gawker picked up on a sweet Williamsburg street battle that broke out last weekend between New York's finest and hipsters dressed up like panda bears.

The faux-animal collective, known as Pandamonium, is described as "a costumed, roving, street party, apocalyptic, dance, rock, battle." But it's also so much more, writes "The Panda Posse":

It is clear that NYC is becoming less and less hospitable to us pandas, and non-pandas alike, who wish to create an environment free from the restraints of commerce and police repression. We pandas refuse to settle for the pre-packaged lifestyles they wish to sell us. We know that, although we are part of a dying breed, we can and will create the city we wish to live in here and now. It is amazing what can be done with a group of friends, a few boom boxes and some courage.

Whatever. Those of us into the endangered animorphing scene know that hipsters masquerading as pandas has been outplayed for years. The real nail in the coffin for the cool factor of hipster pandas hit all the way back in October 2006. Photo evidence after the jump:

'Sup, Williamsburg. If I'm dressing up as a hipster panda for Halloween, it's officially over. Hot tip: Whales up next.

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  • Don

    outplayed is right, how overdone.

  • Reid

    Nonetheless, I must agree that the Panda, a creature so unsexual and awkward that it has no idea how to procreate, is the perfect model for the hipster "soul creature".

    Although, we shouldn't forget that hipsters have no soul (both musically and theologically).

  • Reid

    Oh, and is that dude next to you wearing scrubs as a costume?

    What a tool.

  • Grace

    It's a dress! That's June Carter Cash you're calling a tool!

  • Stating the Obvious

    Christ, can we stop posting anything about NYC or anything related to Brooklyn? Who gives a shit?

    Ironclad law of DC living: If you're spending more than a weekend a month in New York City, you're most likely a douche, hipster or otherwise. If you're spending that much time and energy getting up there, then you should be living there.

    Note: I am a native New Yorker

  • Amanda Hess

    Hey, I'm a douche, hipster AND otherwise, and I spend very little time in NYC.