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Our Morning Roundup

* Burning question! Why employ a "guest blogger"? Get your own blog! It's easy! Still, yesterday, Prince of Petworth debuted "The Restaurant," a new series by a guest-blogger called Julian: a writer, waiter, and master of the simile. Writes "Julian": "The staff, from what I noticed up front, was attractive and friendly, yet tightly knit–like a potato sack I desperately wanted to cut into with my personality and strong work ethic." Never have I more appreciated the subtle artistry of the "Door of the Day."

* Junior League harmonica player (and wheat-paster) Martin Thomas was ejected from China for protesting for a free Tibet during the Olympic ceremonies, BYT reports.

* Speaking of the Olympics: Despite my policy to ignore them at all costs, gymnastics events are better now, Slate says.

* Meanwhile, says WaPo, ping-pong gets the shaft!

* Local darlings U.S. Royalty have an inaugural video to go along with their inaugural EP.

* Tonight: If you don't wear shorts, they'll cut your pants off. Is that a promise?

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  • Svetlana

    Amanda, that first paragraph just made my day.
    And you know I mean it because I never comment on anything ever.

  • sara.h

    "Like lots of writers these days, I am also a server in a restaurant."

    So, writing is like the new acting?

  • Saxon

    omg! U.S. Royalty!!!!!

    (Insert: girls screaming, taking off their shirts and bras, throwing them at band)

  • Laughing by a$$ Off

    You guys missed the FUNNIEST post today. It's on The Barry Stops Here! blog. Marion Barry as Alderman Fred Davis from "Good Times"