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Srsly! His Name Is Freedom!

The Post's J. Freedom du Lac wrote about the Jonas Brothers yesterday and called Kevin Jonas "the other one." He (or, more accurately, his e-mail inbox) was then set upon by furious Jonas fans, who have told him in no uncertain terms to stop being so old and bald and mean.

Today, Style fronted a piece about the fans' reaction, reprinting several letters. This has allowed several bloggers, including this one, to get posts out of the whole sitch.

Via instant message, du Lac (a friend, FWIW) says he's gotten "about 50" e-mails from furious Jonasites, "not really a huge number, but ... enough!" And as to jokes about his byline—Gawker's Richard Lawson said "(srsly?)" after citing him—du Lac says, "Glad the writer noticed my name. I'd hate to be 'the other one' of the Style staff."

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  • bangkok oliver

    The good news is that we were all worried about so-called bird flu which was a much more dangerous virus, but still a worrying time.

  • jonas brothers

    This is a very good read. Im gonna be tweeting this post. Jonas Brothers are awesome!