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I Spy NRA Spy

A couple weeks ago, Mother Jones outed longtime gun control activist Mary McFate as undercover NRA spy Mary Lou Sapone. Read the expose here for her history of infiltrating anti-gun groups. Now, activists are spreading the word to the people in the only way they know how: alarmist street fliers. I picked this one off a post at 18th St. & Columbia Rd. NW:

Sorry I jacked your flier, guys. Next time, try wheat-paste.

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  • Vic

    Just to correct you, they are not "anti-gun" groups. They are gun control groups. Very big difference. They want to pass common sence laws to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, not ban them outright.

  • T. Jefferson

    Nah, Vic. Anti Gun groups is correct.

    If the 20,000+ federal laws & regulations already on the books restricting firearms ownership don't suit you, you're definitely looking to eliminate all citizen ownership of firearms, no matter what you claim.

    Who, by the way, determines what's "common sense"?
    The Brady Bunch?
    And doesn't this just lead to the claim that anyone who doesn't agree with your view is automatically 'lacking in common sense'?

  • Flea

    I believe a closer reading of Vic's comment reveals he was referring to "common sence". Common sence refers to the freedom to agree with the left.