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Blogger Stud Living in Dad’s Basement, Writing Second Book on How to Get Laid

Roosh V, no longer the blogger known as the DC Bachelor (he's moved on over to, finds that since he quit his job as a microbiologist to, among other things, self-publish a book about how to get laid, is still getting laid. It's just by another type of girl. One who doesn't care about money and doesn't hang out at, say, Lima, Park, or Indebleu. A girl Roosh V will, for lack of a better turn of phrase, call a "down-to-earth hippie girl who likes hummus and art." These girls, according to Roosh V, hang out at, say, Bossa, Marvin, and the Reef. Just FYI.

Also FYI: Roosh V is following his bang-up book Bang (no subtitle by intention so that dudes can read it in coffee shops without everyone knowing they're losers looking for advice on how to get laid) with another as-yet-untitled book about how to get laid in South America. Roosh V—a 29-year-old U of M grad now living in his dad's basement in Silver Spring—took an extended trip there upon leaving the soul-sucking existence some call a job. Brazillian "game" will be interspersed with some travel writing, he says.

"Brazillian girls, they're completely different," says Roosh V. "They're warmer. They're more sensual. They don't expect you to do anything but show up."

He's still deciding if he should self-publish the sequel or try and go for it within the soul-sucking existence some call legitimate publishing. In the meantime, he is chronicling the "14 Problems With Americans in One Picture." No. 2: Bad Hair—"Men who dip their heads in buckets of pomade wax. Women who don’t let their hair grow out to proper feminine length (small of back)."

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  • sara.h

    what a loser.

  • sara.h

    wow. i just noticed that you said he was 29. when i was glancing at his blog i just assumed he was about 24.

  • Dave

    Quit his job? Or got fired? He suspiciously announced that he "quit" his job after a blogger he didn't get along with posted his personal information on the internet and invited readers to call his job and tell the personnel department about Roosh's views on date rape. Sounds fishy to me.

    And microbioligist? I think that's a stretch. He's got a bachelor's degree, like the guys in McDonalds. Sounds like he's trying to make his job sound more important than it was.

  • Michael J. West

    I'm wondering if this is some quirky parody of the whole "fratire" thing. Surely this guy can't really be this much of a douche?? Or at least can't BOTH be that much of a douche AND expect anyone to take his adolescent "enlightened" ranting seriously??

  • WAM

    Sadly, but unavoidably, this post and the ensuing discussion are part of his business model. We laugh, dissect, and move on to the next thing, but somewhere close by there's a hapless guy being exposed to the "speed seduction" meme for the first time and thinking "just maybe..."

  • Stating the Obvious

    For all the finger pointing and laughing, he's still heads and tails better than most of DC's bloggers.

  • Jim

    Actually no, he's not better than most of D.C.'s bloggers. In fact, he's not better than any of them. Have you read his writing? It's not good. He appears to be quite dumb.

  • Hammer86

    You guys need to stop hating on the fact that he not only gets laid more than you, but he also gets by without working and travels the world for months at a time. The bottom line is that he's probably happier than you, and you're coming off as bitter.

  • Ted Scheinman

    Is that Jim "The Hammer" Schapiro?!

    I bet he's read Bang....

  • Sherwin

    You guys need to stop hating on Roosh's blog without even reading it. I have been reading his material back when he had his first forum (pre-blog) and it's always been great. A lot of funny stuff as well as truly insightful points about culture. A lot of his stuff may be controversial, but he's doing that to get you all talking and in return he gets all this publicity. He is not one of those "Pick Up Artist" douchebags like Mystery on VH1. I dont agree with a lot of his views but I also agree with many of them. He's really self-aware and a good read!

  • Dr.Z-Boy and the Love Squad

    Here's the scoop on this fool --
    He grew up in Montgomery Co. Went to school at UMD. Never had too many friends in high school. Didn't get a lot of girls. Awkward. Spent years reading and running "Seduction" bulletin boards. Determined to become an Alpha Male. Plays the usual "pick up artist" game and tries to reduce the behaviour of women down to their uncontrollable genetic desires. Boring, Sydney. Boring. Spends a lot of time working on his game. Reading stupid seduction techniques on the internet and making up his own equally idiotic techniques. Thinks that he is being clever, unique,or iconoclastic. He's really just a chump that lives in his dad's basement and has sex with drunk girls. Intersperses his bullshit alpha male stupidity and lame pick up advice with moronic and childish musings on life and the rat race. His bullshit musings on life remind me of the scene in Revenge of the Nerds II, when Ogre gets stranded on the Island with the Nerds and they get stoned. The nerds are all waxing poetic about the cosmos and Ogre says "what if C-A-T really spelled Dog?" If Ogre had a blog it would be similar to RooshV's. Although Ogre is kind of likable in the end. Not so sure about Mr. V.

  • Dr J and Haterades

    Someone needs to "out" Roissy in DC as well. Name, photo, and all. That guy has it coming.

  • Melencio

    Interesting comments from all here.

    I have just heard of Roosh, but have my own experiences with one of those gurus. For a while I used to read a weekly email about how to deal with women, pick- up etc.

    I didn't go to my nearest club and try some cheesy lines, but took some of the advice and applied it in my own way when I met women (such as at a party), and the way they responded was stunning. From a loser several years ago that couldn't get a girl to look twice, I now can't remember the last time I decided I wanted a girl and didn't at least kiss her.

    Maybe some of the commenters don't have trouble handling themselves around women; maybe they have bought into these ideas once and felt let down - who knows. But by just taking a few kernels of advice and not being "every other guy" I now don't have to be rejected like I constantly was or settle for second best. That's really important for me, and a lot of other people as well. I think Roosh can give that to some people, even if he can have rather grandiose ideas about himself.

  • Bobby Rio

    you people really are filled with hate? jealous that someone is happy not conforming to the tired 9-5 existence... i dont necessarily agree with everything roosh writes on the site.. but you´d have to be completely thick headed not admit there are some serious pearls of wisdom throw out there.

  • MikeStoute

    Yey Roosh!

    Congrats on the article and screw the 9-5..

    Probloggers Unite!

  • Andrew

    Roosh's blog is a great read, and he has a lot of interesting observations and ideas. They may not all be fruitful, and they may strike some as silly, but he has made a good and meaningful contribution to not only the blogosphere but also to the lives of a lot of open-minded men and women. Is he always right? No. Is he interesting? Usually. It would be better to debate his ideas on his blog, though, rather than personally attacking him on this site; so far, he has a good record of allowing people to post criticisms of him on his blog.

  • Jim

    I'm not convinced. I've done a good deal of poking around on his site since this post went up, and I did a fair amount after the last City Desk post on him. He's genuinely repellent.

    I don't want a debate on his ideas. It makes no difference if a few clowns on this site see that as me being "filled with hate."

    After reading much of his writing, I'm done with it. He is a small man.

  • Josh

    Yeah Roosh, you are a small man indeed.


  • Matt

    Dad deserves having this guy leech off him for raising the kid to be half a man in the first place.

  • Donovan Glass

    Right on Roosh. We all have your backs. Screw 9-5, unless its on your terms. :)

  • John Smith

    Ok people:

    Either the guy is accurate in his advice or he is not. If he is NOT accurate, then he's just another guy writing stuff and nothing to get worked up over.

    If he IS accurate, then instead of hating him, learn from what he's writing. I've been an avid reader and commenter on the blog. It's very interesting stuff, mainly because I'm coming from an evo-psych selfish gene perspective.

    When he starts commenting about Americans in general or non-pick up issues I tune out a little because he gives other countries a pass on their flaws. But overall he has some solid concepts on how to pick up girls.

  • roosh is a dousche

    Even though your post was made over 7 years ago, it still rings true today. I can't imagine what kind of horrid family environment produced such a dumb filthy rapist and insecure woman hater. His parents should be publicly shamed for inflicting this cancerous boil on society.