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Tim Carman Selected for Best Food Writing 2008

Holly Hughes, editor of the much-loved Best Food Writing anthologies, has discovered what we here at City Paper have known for some time: Tim Carman is doing great work when it comes to telling food stories.

We also have to agree with Hughes that Carman's Young & Hungry column in defense of fat and the processed food he dares to love is among his best. "Fat's What I'm Talking About," which ran in the March 28 edition, will appear in Best Food Writing 2008.

Here's a sample:

Ever since that Crisco cookie, I've reconnected with some of the foods, or some of the places, I used to like before I felt the need to squirrel away my pedestrian eating habits. You know what? I still really like the Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell, particularly when the pimply kid pumps the sour cream evenly across the beans, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, ground beef, and diced tomatoes. I also can't believe how much I drool over the crumbly biscuits at Popeyes; they're even tastier after you slather them with strawberry jam squeezed from a packet. And I swear that some days the cracker-crust pizza at Stained Glass Pub in Silver Spring tastes better than any of those boutique pies—especially when you can play Buzztime trivia while eating.

The book, out in the fall, compiles the best writing from newspapers, magazines, and, in recent years, blogs. Past editions have included well-known food writers Ruth Reichl, Jeffrey Steingarten, R.W. Apple, Calvin Trillin, and Todd Kliman (former columnist at City Paper and current dining editor at Washingtonian), among others. We're delighted that Carman, who has been writing the Y&H column since March 2006, is in their deserving company.

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  • Huddo

    hooray! this guy is tops, and the CP softball pitcher!

  • He’s no belly itcher

    The CarMan is a badass.
    Wow, didn't City Paper just get some awards too?
    You guys must be the envy of the whole creative loaf network. Then again, I don't think substance is the loaf's priority.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Tim!

  • Mike K

    Congratulations Tim... very well deserved. If CL was smart, they'd hire you back full time.

  • He’s no belly itcher

    The loaf made him part-time??
    That was pretty steamy of them.
    My position stands.

  • Paul Ward

    My opinion on Karmansky is that that YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET. He'll be a national food superstar. Maybe even by next Tuesday.

    Congrats, Tim, on much deserved recognition. I am sure Coltrane and Carrie are yawing, saying, "Yeah, well, Tim rocks. Tell us sumpn we DIDN'T know."

  • Dave McKenna

    This is big! congratulations...

  • Carrie the Red

    Actually, Paul, I said that, but Coltrane just wanted to know when he was getting something with fat in it.

  • Connie Carman

    CONGRATULATIONS TIM!!! What an honor -- this is great!

  • B House in H Town

    Wha? The world is only now discovering the multifaceted unobsequiousness that is Car Man Ghia-son FCAL (food critic at large)? Food never tasted so good as when it's lovingly deconstructed by THAT beautiful mind. Mind you, I've eaten some FAT FAT with THAT. But never mind, you.

    TC--all props from the grate state of Tejas. Much deserved, long overdue and absolutely insufficient.