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The Cupcake Quest Continues

Yesterday afternoon, I was called upstairs to the production room to try a couple cupcakes an account executive had picked up from Baked & Wired, a bakery near the Shops at Georgetown Park. I guess someone up there had read my previous post about Cakelove and knew I'd be interested in a tasty treat. For sample were the carrot cake cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with mocha frosting, and, er, one other variety I can't remember at the moment.

By the time I got up there, most of each cake had been eaten, but it looked to me (judging by the wrappers) that Baked & Wired's goods are slightly larger than Cakelove's concoctions. And in this case, bigger is definitely better. The cakes were that perfect consistency (not too dense, not too crumbly), and the frosting was delicious. The type of frosting you'd eat out of the container while watching a rerun of your favorite show. If that's what you're into.

I didn't have a whole cupcake, so I think it will be necessary to try a (much) bigger sample before giving this shop a true recommendation. I mean, it's only fair. And wow, look at that: Baked & Wired is open till 7 p.m. on weekdays...just enough time after work to cruise down there on my bike. Hmm.

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  • Nikolas Schiller

    Thought you might like to know about this Cupcake Competition that is set to take place. The blog entry's details are not all there, but maybe you'd like to judge or at least be aware of it.

  • On the west side of the convention center

    Try Chatman's Divine Bakery. Start with the red velvet cupcake.

  • Brianne Downing

    Thanks for those suggestions!

  • Eaton

    I'm putting the cupcake revival up there with other stupid flashbacks including roller derby and kickball.

  • Jen

    Baked & Wired is wayyyyy better than Georgetown Cupcake! I just tried it for the first time yesterday.. It is a tad more expensive but they are much larger cupcakes and much more delicious! Totally worth the drive from Germantown!! They are even open until 7pm on Sundays!!