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Welcome to D.C., Alberto Gonzalez!

It's sad to see Paul Lo Duca and Felipe Lopez go but hard not to be excited about the Nats' new shortstop (I had trouble finding a photo; think this is him).

Exciting new changes around Nationals Park to come:

  • Feeding Dmitri Young Ho Hos till he confesses to stealing your lunch: Probably not illegal
  • Front-office hirings: Recent Patrick Henry College grads encouraged to apply
  • There will be no appeal if you're sent down to Potomac
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  • Ernest

    Yes, Alberto to the very like!

  • Peggy

    Why, this may well be the Roberto from Guadalajara I met one springbreak in Cancun! He sure looks like one. Hard to recall precisely.

  • Bobby

    Guadalajara my foot, Peggy. This is Alberto Tortuador, as cheerful as can be.