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Turtle Leads Scientists to Marijuana Farm in Rock Creek Park

Watch out, drug-sniffing dogs: You've got some competition.

According to an article posted this morning, a turtle fitted with a GPS device meandered into a remote area of Rock Creek Park and led a National Park Service employee to a marijuana-growing operation.

A National Park Service employee was tracking a turtle with the gadget for research when the turtle wandered into a small marijuana field in a remote part of Rock Creek Park.

U.S. Park police were called and surveillance was set up to monitor the area. Police discovered a man taking care of about 10 marijuana plants in the field.

U.S. Park police and Montgomery County police arrested Isiah Johnson, 19, in Chevy Chase Wednesday.

Nice work, little turtle. I bet Mr. Johnson wasn't expecting to be caught like that.

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  • PoPo

    The turtle's official name is now Mary Jane Hempfield. Seriously. Why the AP chose not to run that is beyond me, but it's hilarious.

  • julia

    Number of people murdered in DC so far this year: 108
    Number of people killed by marijuana throughout history: 0

    This is what the MPD is wasting its time on?

  • Ali

    Yeah, Nice work, Little Turtle.

    That kid wasn't expecting to become a hardened criminal in prison for growing these "dangerous" plants!

    And nice work, City Desk!

    Now even folks writing for alt.weekly's are selling their soul to our police state.

    Pray for us all.

  • chris

    Number of people whose lives have been utterly ruined because of this stupid war on plants? Millions.

  • tiffany

    Y'all make it sound like they were looking for pot. They weren't, and when they found the illegal plants, were they supposed to ignore it? The legality of marijuana aside, they were obliged to arrest this idiot!

  • A.J.

    Please tell me this. How can a plant be illegal? It's just a freaking plant!!!!!!

    Free up di herb.

  • tiffany

    cuz that plant is marijuana. DUH!!!

  • http://thatgoodone G

    haha tiffany brainwashed much?
    it's a plant, it causes minimal harm to you if any
    ever drunk alcohol? got addicted? no?
    alcohol is more addictive than cannabis
    and thousands die every year due to alcohol
    not weed
    leave the mellow stoners alone they don't hate on anyone

  • tiffany

    Cry me a river, Pothead!!

    I'm not brainwashed....It's the law. I neither make judgments on the potential effects of pot nor do I judge those who choose to, illegally of course, smoke it.