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To Fight Or Not To Fight

Photo of Mount Pleasant by miamabanta.

Much has been written on this blog—and others—as to whether victims of muggings/thefts/assault should try to fight back against their assailants. This craigslist missed connection, for one, gives a pretty awesome account of fighting back:

to the perv who groped me on my way home – w4m – 30 (Mt. Pleasant)

Me: caucasian, white yoga capris and tan tank top
you: Latino, 5'8, in your twenties, sports jersey, short hair, mole on your face.

You might have been following me for a while, Mr. Perv, I don't know – I was on the phone with my mother, venting about my roommate situation (we had to find a new one) and my job search (like, I need a job), when you snuck up behind me, and gently squeezed my ass. Not just the top of my ass, but kinda low, kinda close to my you-know-what, if you know what I mean.

You know, even my boyfriend needs permission to get that close, so having a perfect stranger attempt access so suddenly, so completely out of the blue, triggered my fight-or-flight response. And I *fight*. Did it hurt when I grabbed your collar and punched you in the head? I'm a little worried that I didn't get enough momentum in my swing to make you feel it, seeing as I'm kinda short (5'2"). But you must have felt bad when you took off running and I chased you down so easily – it's not that you're slow, dude, it's just that I run fast, as you might have suspected from the well-muscled form of my posterior, had you been viewing it with its athletic potential in mind.

It was all worth it when you realized you couldn't outrun me and so you stopped with your back to me in shame, and I kicked you in your hole. You might not remember, but I said: "Are you sorry? Are you sorry? Say you're sorry!", and you did. That was great. Then I said: "run on home, you asshole! Run home!" and you did that, too!

Ladies, these pervs are cowards who run in fear when confronted with any kind of resistance. They are weak and pathetic.

To the two guys who came out of their houses when they heard me yelling – thank you for being so aware and willing to help out-especially – Chris, was it? – who walked me home. It's great to know the people here care about the safety of others. Thanks so much.

My mom was really worried, because she heard me start swearing and then the phone went dead (I closed it so I could chase the motherf*cker down) and she thought I had been hit by a car. When I told her what happened, she told me not to be so agro, and pointed out that he could of had a knife or something. True. You're right, mom.

But you're unlucky if you're from this neighborhood, Mr. Perv. Cause I'm here ALL THE TIME (no job, remember?) and next time I'll MACE YOUR FACE.

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  • Nikki

    Hell yeah!!!

  • catherine

    this is awesome. she's my hero. it's the kind of response i've always wanted to have to street harassers but never have had, mostly out of fear that it'd turn on me. and maybe it was a risk for her to do that, but it's still pretty great.

  • arlingtonian

    This chick rules.

  • Mr. T in DC

    Wow, she's got moxie, as they said in the old days.

  • King88

    Hey, call me if you want to date! Soy boricua y quiero un mujer con "gumption." (I refuse to use the term cojones because it would make her transgendered).

  • sybann

    Go baby! This happened to me as a 16 y-o virgin out to dinner with my parents (the go for broke grope) and of course I didn't make a scene. I still wish I'd coldcocked the m*therf*cker.

  • creolesugar

    Kudos to you for taking a stand.

  • kitty

    You are my hero.

  • Ax

    you go girl!


    note to all do not do this (yell, run, mace all ok). A guy who would touch you like that just might punch you back, and we're bigger.

  • EET

    you rock! that takes OVARIES!!!!!!!! :-D

  • Ernest

    They should put her in the movies and all she has to do is act naturally.

  • MMD

    To MDESUS:
    I'm pretty sure that if that dude had punched her back, she woulda kicked his ass even harder. It's not about how big you are, it's about who sees more RED.

  • AES

    Not only does she have moxie, but her writing style is entertaining... she should have a column!

  • Miss Penny Lane

    omg--you are a hard core bad-ass. this is my favorite story of all time.

  • Cougar

    While I applaud such a relentless reaction in the heat of the moment, I must admit that this response is very dangerous.

    Not every perv willing to assault someone is a coward, nor are they always so willing to run away. She is lucky her aggression, did not, exercerbate the situation.

    I would mildly suggest next time and for all other persons out there who catch the attention of would-be pervs, not to be chatting without regard for your surroudings, the proximity of sketchy characters near you, and have clearly visible deterence whether its mace on a key ring or a tightly clenched fist, and a stern stare at whomever is giving you the creeps.

  • dcvibe

    Who the EFF flagged this for removal from craigs?! This should be BEST OF! Thanks CP for saving this for all to see.

  • Amanda Hess

    total bummer! who is this woman?!

  • Emily

    A guy who would touch you like that just might punch you back, and we’re bigger.

    "We" meaning guys who would grope, or guys in general? The average man is larger than the average women, but that doesn't translate to individuals very well. Any random guy could be bigger or smaller than any random woman.

  • Amanda Hess

    The original poster has re-posted the item:

    Along with some advisories about similar incidents that have occurred in the area.

  • J.

    Its bad enough women get yelled at from cars, but to be grabbed is a whole different story. As a man myself- I would want you to kick my ass for being such a sh*t head.

    Would guys like that be okay if there moms ass was grabbed?

  • Boomer61

    You do not have to be a guy to have a set of Big Brass Balls!!!

  • jinjooya

    kick. ass.

  • dal keith

    dalbert /50 year old new york male /i think she got very lucky and she should never try that again/leave it for the police/woman are the weaker sex and i would have turned around if she was chasing me and gave her a good spanking

  • Amanda Hess

    you will never get laid