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#$(!&%#@* Metro Escalators

I know we've been warned, but I am an impossible klutz. I was wearing flip-flops (I know, I know) last night when I clipped the edge of a step on the Rosslyn escalator with my big toe. I went home and self-medicated with peroxide and Spaced. My doctor told me today I needed stitches, but it's too late now. I think I can live with the scar. I just hope my toe doesn't fall off.

Is it just me or do Metro escalators have bigger teeth than other city's underground moving staircases? Compare the London Underground's escalators with ours.  I have a picture of my toe, but no one wants to see that.

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  • Valerie

    Maybe not - I did the EXACT SAME THING in Chicago wearing sandals that I have since set on fire. My toe is fine, although I don't know how bad your gouge was. Mine bled profusely, and I peroxided it and bandaged it. I limped for a few days, but could still ride my bike.

  • Civilis

    As someone well known in DC once said "I feel your pain"...(bites lower lip). Feel better!!!

  • King88

    Hey, Angela ... don't you either read the signs or pay attention? Sorry, but I'm going Republican on this one. People NEED to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Whether it's Crocs, flip flops, sandals, or anything else.

  • OB

    My fiancee heard high pitched shrills at Metro Center a couple weeks back and everyone ducked thinking terror attack or something like that. Turns out a little kid got sucked into an escalator. I'm not sure if he/she? lost their leg or not- but it's a scene my fiancee will not soon forget.

    As for me- the only problem I have with the Metro escalators is when they aren't working (like today in Gallery Place) so it takes even longer to change trains in rush hour.