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Fenty Heading to Olympics

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will be Beijing-bound next month, LL has learned.

Fenty will not be attending the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in an official capacity, mind you, but as a personal trip with his family, says his spokesperson, Carrie Brooks.

Fenty himself couldn't be reached for details, as he was vacationing last week, but Brooks says her boss will be there for a week toward the beginning of the games, which kick off Aug. 8. As for which events he'll be attending, Brooks says Fenty's sporting tastes run toward the triathlon events he knows so well: "[H]e definitely wants to check out the swimming and track and field events," she writes in an e-mail.

This won't be Fenty's first international jaunt. Last summer, he traveled with family to Jamaica, where his wife, Michelle Cross Fenty, has roots. He still, however, has a ways to go if he wants to match Tony Williams' travel sked.

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  • Luke

    And this is news because??? The Mayor is certainly entitled to a vacation and I hope that he and his family enjoy themseleves in Beijing.

  • J.

    This is news because hes the mayor and people may want to know where the hell he is when the crime rate continues to rise. Also folks may want to know that they aren't paying out of pocket for him to go on a family vacation.