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Our Morning Roundup

Via DCist, blogger Nikolas Schiller says he stood up for himself and fought back when some kids pretending to have a gun told him to empty his pockets on his doorstep. They beat him up but he kept his stuff. So ... Nikolas, what exactly was in your pockets to make you take such a stupid risk?

Joe and Valerie Wilson want to take Novak's typewriter and his keys.

The Post offers more disturbing news about the PG County jail, where some guards have serious arrest records. Still no news on the strangulation death of inmate Ronnie White.

Wonkette links to a mysterious trailer for a reality TV show on young, debauched DC elites. No, not that one. This is probably just a Paultard goof.

The Prince of Petworth finds baffling graffiti, and apparently has a thing for glue.

And to the dweebs who tried to steal my scooter, dragging it a block away and forcing the steering mechanism until it broke, why did you leave a brick on my seat?

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  • IMGoph


    maybe if you actually read mr. schiller's account, you'd see that he says in his blog post that he didn't want his digital camera with pictures and video of his mother's wedding stolen from him.

  • catherine

    wait angela, if i remember correctly, didn't you stand around and argue with some kids who tried to steal your scooter? wasn't that a "stupid risk"? don't mean to offend, just want to clarify.

  • Angela Valdez

    Yes, I took a very stupid risk. I was sort of shocked and just stood there and then, not really thinking, talked to the kid. I don't mean to offend either -- but I do think subjection yourself to physical violence is an extra stupid risk. And I did read the whole post -- a camera can be replaced. I'm sure someone else got pictures.

  • IMGoph


    indulge me here. if you read the whole post, and you saw mr. schiller's description of what was in his pockets and why he wanted to keep it from being taken from him, why did you ask, "Nikolas, what exactly was in your pockets to make you take such a stupid risk?"

    just curious...

  • Angela Valdez

    I should stop responding but ... I read the whole thing, last night, aloud, in fact. Wrote a post about it. Then my computer crashed and I had to get up at 7 a.m. to write it again. Not thinking clearly perhaps but there you go. Now that we've missed the entire point ...

  • J.

    For all the a**holes giving Angela a hard time - did you not just read her scooter was almost stolen and the steering column was busted?

    Have a a little bit of heart- jesus christ

  • Bob

    Sorry, J., but the other commenters have a good point, and it's a problem overall with this blog. Sometimes these posts seem simply thrown up there, without any thought to what's written and without much editing. It sometimes suggests a really bush-league operation.

  • dcvoterboy

    angela - how'd you have your scoot chained up? vespa washington has a nice new OnGuard chain that goes through your rear wheel and it makes pretty difficult to move. also, looks like you have an LX150 there - if so, with your electronic-coded ignition, your scoot will get dragged and dumped, but they're not going to get it started...

  • IMGoph

    bob: that's exactly what i was thinking.

    j.: hey, it was only one asshole—me. and i was asking a legitimate question. if you're working for a news-gathering organization, you better get your facts and details correct. erik wemple would call this frio.

    angela: thanks for the explanation. why should you stop responding? are you not a big fan of interacting with your readers?

  • Ernest

    But who?.. Who would do such a thing to a scooter?...

    Must be some low IQ ruffians. They just don’t understand the technology…

    Surely, the police has been sent for?

  • Pop Cesspool

    The scooter thing is obviously art, i.e. urban "rock stacking."

  • J.

    IMGoph - this is a blog, where I think mistakes can happen. This isn't some science magazine looking for a cancer cure.

  • Nikolas Schiller

    Angela, I tried a couple times to reply here, but since I included too many links in my reply, it was dismissed by the spam filtration system. You can read my reply here: