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AT&T: Cheap, Lazy, or in Need of a Geography Lesson?

From the Woodley Park Metro:

I've long held affection for this ad campaign–it's like an incredibly easy Where's Waldo. But as I searched for the bars on my way out of the station this afternoon, something else caught my eye. AT&T, which has been doing swimmingly despite the economic downturn, appears to be cutting some corners with these "local" billboards. Cover D.C. they may; photograph it, they most certainly do not. Irrefutable evidence (beyond the yellow cab) after the jump.

That, friends, is a sign from 7th Avenue. As in, 7th Avenue.

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  • dj.eurok

    not to mention theres not a newstand in town...

  • Will

    There are newsstands! I think I bought a hot dog from one on a class trip.

  • Jenn

    Dear AT&T,

    No, you don't have me covered. The lovely blue bars on my cell phone wax and wane like the moon no matter where I am in the District. I don't even want to begin to write about the Metro (or the ten minutes it takes to receive cell service once I'm out of the Metro...WHAT?)


  • joelogon

    For what it's worth, I (and others) noticed this back in May