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Chandra Series Posts Big Numbers for

Whatever you may think of the Washington Post's series on the murder of Chandra Levy, please know this: It is driving wonderful amounts of traffic for

According to an informed source, the pageviews are in the same ballpark as those that flocked to the 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning Post series on the dark maneuvering of Vice President Dick Cheney, and they're even surpassing the numbers for the paper's first Walter Reed series, another Pulitzer winner from last year.

The paper doesn't part with pageview numbers for specific stories or series.

Says outgoing Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr.: "Traffic's very high, and everything that I hear from neighbors, friends of friends, and people who are not in the business—people who are not in politics—is that ordinary readers are following this very closely."

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  • Cranky Editor Guy

    Seriously... people, apparently lots of them, suck.

  • Fred

    No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people!

  • creative loafer

    Does anyone remember that onion article about the news writers that were angry at the guy who kept getting his fluff articles at the top of the "most viewed artcles" section.

  • Joe Smith

    I'm an ordinary reader. I'm not in politics. (Though I'm pretty sure there are "ordinary readers" who are "not in the business," whatever that is.) I'm outraged by the series and I've stopped reading the Post because of it.

  • doug

    Don't read it, then. Why is it that some people think everything has to be about them, them, them?

  • Lynn

    First the Post gives us the overwritten purple- prose saga of the guy who shot two people off the Appalachian Trail, and now the minutiae of a decade-old case. Seriously, where are the Post's editors when we need them to rein in their writers?