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R.I.P. Hipsters

Well, it looks like we can finally put that whole "Hipster" movement to rest. A new local Website going by the name Hipster Overkill does the honors of sounding the fad's death knell, most likely played sarcastically on a cowbell:

What is Hipster Overkill you ask???

It is a platform to bring you Lifestyle, Music, Fashion, Trends, Artists, Viral Video, Events and Culture that are overlooked by commercial media and mainstream newspeak. The irony is, by shining light on the underground we love so, we ultimately make the unknown popular, and thus risk compromising it's coolness altogether.

Way to cover your bases, Hipster Overkill: Even when you are no longer (?) cool, you will at least be able to take comfort in your own sense of "irony"—well, you would be able to if the situation you've described were actually ironic.

Could it be true? Has Hipsterdom finally reached its tipping point, wherein its trademark sense of irony is no longer strong enough to support the ridiculous behavior furthered in its name? Is it ironic when those who thrive on irony do not understand what irony is? When a hipster loses all self-awareness, does a Hipster Overkill blogger get its wings?

Even I do not know anymore. Quick, hand me a PBR to enjoy irresponsibly and with a gleeful lack of sarcasm! Take my photo as I do so! I will peruse it online at my workplace and add it to my Facebook page for all to see! All hail the post-hipsters!

Photo by Zabowski

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  • Leitko

    Is there really anything left out here that's being overlooked? It seems like there are at least four local media outlets that are desperately trying to find something to shine light on.

  • Mark Athitakis

    Having a blog with no entries is cool, apparently.

  • Amanda Hess

    there is an entry.

    Blog Entry - Coming soon
    Monday, June 23, 2008
    14 Views :: 0 Comments
    Look for it soon

  • Reid

    You misunderstand: The irony is that these guys think their website would make anything popular.

    And jesus, we need to nip this 8-bit graphics thing in the bud. It is quite literally the electronic version of the foam trucker hat.