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Our Morning Roundup

* Good morning! Slate's got all your military sleep-reduction news.

* The Brightest Young Things discuss when rompers go wrong.

* Mr. T in D.C. sets some rules for TV watching at the gym. In: CNN and 80's music videos. Out: Entertainment Tonight and Fox News. This writer humbly submits the perfect gym entertainment: Discovery Channel's Cash Cab.

* The Post has a great profile of the man accused of stealing a rare Shakespeare first folio from the University of Durham:

Scott, a tall, thin man, has never really had a job, but he said his mother (whom he referred to at one point as "Lady Bountiful") bankrolls his trips—and his gold Versace ring, his diamond Rolex and a succession of exquisite cars: a Rolls-Royce, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a silver Ferrari.

Speaking in a hotel with a plate of langoustines in front of him—lobsters couldn't be found—Scott said he remembered the moment he realized how much better the best was. He was 18, and he had slipped his feet into handmade Italian leather shoes.

* Tonight's picker-uper: Lenny Campello of Daily Campello Art News will give a talk tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Smith Farm's Healing Arts Gallery on Frida Kahlo and pain.

Photo by Mr. T in D.C.

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  • Reid

    People make a big deal about hand made shoes, but I don't get it. Right now I'm wearing Nikes hand made by a 10 year old in Bangkok.

    They'll alright, I guess. But I'd still rather be wearing Reebok Pumps.

  • The Daily Times

    An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?