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Levy Chapter 284: ZZZZZZ

Bells, whistles, blogs, Dateline homages, news. Can someone please point out the new info, the new reporting that went into the Post's Chapter 4 in the Chandra Levy Saga?

The police may or may not have leaked info. The police may or may not have lied early on about Gary Condit. Big deal.

Chandra Levy's parents have every right to their grief, every right to seek justice for their daughter's death. They have every right to think their daughter is the most interesting story ever. That's all understandable. I feel bad for them, for what happened to their daughter. But.

But reporters, they have choices. They can pick their stories (sometimes).

I hate to say this but Chandra Levy is boring. She interned. She liked to work out. She messed around with a boring congressman (watched HBO, had sleepovers, gushed to friends ala Monica). She was killed by probably a random assailant.

The most interesting moment in the entire Post series is the reporters' decision to a) describe the contents of Chandra Levy's suitcase and b) use the word "panties" instead of "underwear."

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  • Jim

    So naturally, in response to boring stories in the Post, you write even more boring blog posts about it.

    You should start a 12-part series on this blog about all the different things you whine about.

  • dj.eurok

    the real story is about the white girl found stabbed 12 or so times on 13th street when the rest of DC's finest were looking for Chandra and how they botched THAT investigation and let the perp walk for a year or 2...

  • Amanda Hess

    I propose a 12-part series on those totally awesome jeans

  • Knows

    dj.eurok: are you talking about the kari jacobsen case?