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Screen on the Green Starts Tonight!

Heads up to new Washington residents and summer interns: you got here just in time for DC's coolest and free-est event: five consecutive Mondays of outdoor movies on the National Mall. Everyone who's anyone will be there.

Tonight’s Screen on the Green flick: Dr. No, a Bond movie that involves fire-breathing dragons and a woman named Honey Ryder, who is always referred to as "the beautiful Honey Ryder."

A few SOTG tips from a veteran:

1) The movie starts at sundown but you want to get there a good two hours early to stake out a good spot big enough for all your homies and lay out a good picnic spread. (Note: the screen is set up at 4th Street NW, facing the monument, so plan your spot accordingly.)

2) Your back will hurt if you don’t have a chair but everyone behind you will hate you if you do have a chair. I recommend the Crazy Creek padded seats that don't have legs, although after two hours in one you'll probably lose all circulation in your legs.

3) Oh and about that picnic: nobody cares if you bring alcohol.

Enjoy! And even if you miss tonight, I expect to see each and every one of you out there for Superman on August 11!

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  • Amanda Hess

    Can anyone ever actually hear anything at Screen on the Green? I tried to see Casablanca for the first time last year on the Green and couldn't hear a damn thing. Andy Rooney needs to get on this shit.

  • JH

    I highly recommend bringing some OFF spray- the mosquitoes are vicious right now and you will end up scratching the whole movie and eventually leaving early.

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