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Video: A Heart-Stopping Edition of Fuego/Frio

This week's episode is a veritable gauntlet, as Erik takes on the Post's "Sunday Source," sexist sports editing, overly rhapsodic weather reporting, and the Washingtonian—whose wretched T.O.C. proves disastrous for Erik's central nervous system.


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  • Ernest

    That was wild.

  • Jimmy Appleseed

    Haircut you freak. Haircut!

    You are very scary right now with the hair and tie combo -- like some psychotic high school history teacher/football coach from the day who can't stop talking about Korea.


  • Amanda Hess

    Sounds like somebody needs a Lifestyle Tip.

  • lumiere

    Seriously, some lights would help. And Snider's is one of the last family-run grocery stores in the area. It's great.

  • Ted Scheinman

    Lumière, you seem to have cornered the market on tough love. Hear ya on the lights. We're working on it.