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Isn’t Anyone Bothered by the Lara Logan Sex Scandal Coverage?

So I spent the weekend getting all worked up about the Lara Logan sex scandal. (Briefly: Newly promoted CBS national security correspondent had some romance in Iraq, with more than one man, gasp. One of the men was in the middle of a divorce, which started before their fling, but that didn't seem to matter.) It completely eludes me how it's at all newsworthy to write about the sex life of a reporter on assignment overseas. Would we ever read these stories about a male correspondent? Or, say, a slightly less blazing hot female journalist? (Logan is gorgeous and smart, which means she must be evil.) The scandal had strange timing, coming right after her promotion, and her pretty brilliant take-down of the media, including her employer, on the Daily Show.

I've spent the last 15 minutes trying to find anyone other than blog commenters spouting off about the fact that major media outlets — including the Huffington Post — actually gave real estate to this story and .. nada. Jack Shafer? Howard Kurtz wrote that the whole thing is "not much of a story." But that's all he had to say after dumping the whole shebang in quotes, straight from the New York Post. The fact that a liberalish news site like the Huffington Post, run by a woman even, ran the story with no filter of dismay or critique says a lot about the uneven playing field in journalism. All those boys on the mastheads don't really have an incentive to go to bat for women like Logan. Kurtz could have said the coverage was irresponisble or hurtful, but he just dismissed it as girl stuff.

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  • virago

    I did locate two links to MSM criticism of the coverage of Ms. Logan's personal life:

    Apparently, the National Enquirer broke the "news," and the (hardly more credible) New York Post followed up with its own account, which was anonymously sourced and contradictory. (I read the Post's story, but I'm not going to give it more credibility by linking to it.)

    And I would revise your rhetorical question -- "Would we ever read these stories about a male correspondent?" -- to read: "Would we ever read these stories about an overtly heterosexual male correspondent?" Witness the continual speculation about the sexual orientation of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.


    If Angela is really bothered by the coverage of Logan's sex life .. she might ask Kurtz and others in the MSM why they are ignoring the coverage of her professional life ... the same reason .. sex sells.

    If you want to read about Lara Logan's professional life without her sex life ..

    check out .. The Enterprise Report

  • Geraldo

    I for one would like to congratulate Lara Logan for being really hot but criticize her on her choice of men. Surely, Ms Logan, couldn't you have found some guy in Iraq who was an actual government employee, and not a contractor?

  • Jude

    Who cares. I sure don't. So she had sex. Big whoop. Who doesn't?

  • Newsdude

    I think the issue I care about more is that she fibbed about being the first American network news reporter in Baghdad when U.S. troops arrived. That's a hit to her credibility.

    So what if she has the morals of an alley cat. lots of people do.

  • Robert Carnegie

    I'm bothered by the coverage, which I just now read about from browsing Google News references to [The Daily Show] (I wondered if the show was off because of the S A G contract thing, since my British TV guide promised me a "Global Edition" on channel "More4" that didn't show up - I don't see anything, I suppose I should check the show's actual own site.)

    I thought that what she said on [The Daily Show] wasn't so hard against her TV station. I figure every reporter would like to file an important news story every night, maybe live from outside a building where important people are. It's competitive. You don't get as much screen time as you wish for. And if they didn't want to cover Iraq at all, well, they wouldn't pay her rent there. (Or was she embedded or something and that didn't apply? And I don't mean "embedded" as a pun.)

    In Scotland I'm not really aware of her work, so I go by how Jon Stewart treated her, as a serious journalist, and how she responded. Stewart can kid the nation's leading lights appallingly if they can take it, and can treat a waste-of-oxygen Reaganomicist civilly, but you can tell who is and isn't worth listening to and learning from. I got a strong feeling this year that Stewart doesn't like Hillary Clinton, and now neither do I, but I think you also can tell a fair criticism from a cheap shot.

    But critics opening up Lara Logan's private life - or feeling a need to do so to squash her and detract from what she says - well, that's how America works now. I suppose it's not wholly new, either. The establishment, the military-industrial-government-entertainment complex.

    But I think turnabout is fair play. There are or have been plenty of male journalists over in Iraq, less critical of how the war was or is going, and without any wives they may or may not be married to along with them. So let's hear how they spent -their- evenings. And whether they paid cash.

  • Matt Johnson

    She probably wouldn't have gotten her job if she hadn't been hot. You have to take the good with the bad. And when you're hot, you have to expect to be treated differently. Sometimes the different treatment is to your benefit. Sometimes it's not. That's life.

  • edward

    What evidence do you have that Lara Logan is smart? Just because she appears near the front lines for a picture in a flak suit doesn't make her a reporter of any note. Nor have any of her reports been that ground-breaking. That would suggest other reasons she has been promoted, and filings in court suits are fair game. I see nothing here to indicate she has been at all treated unfairly. Are the court filings incorrect?

  • Angela Valdez

    Robert, here's your turnabout, via Alex Balk

  • thefrontpage

    Everyone agress that there should be stories about LARA LOGAN in the media every single day of the week. There should be LARA LOGAN news reports, LARA LOGAN tabloid reports, reports about her past as a swimsuit model, picture galleries, web sites devoted only to Lara Logan, YouTube video clips and video pages about Lara Logan, blogs about Lara Logan, videoes on MySpace and Facebook about Lara Logan, community groups devoted solely to Lara Logan, and endless stories about her personal life on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, HN, MSNBC, Fox News, the Weather Channel and the History Channel. And National Geographic should do an article for its next issue solely on LARA LOGAN.

  • feral beast

    Er, didn't the very same Post story highlight a fling of CNN's Michael Ware- a cuckolded MALE correspondent? (he was mocked about brawling with the contractor)
    It goes to show that almost any face on the telly, even the broken-nosed Ware, gerts treated as a celebrity. They earn their salaries, goes with the territory.
    And earlier, also from Baghdad's Green Zone, tho'increasingly blue-balled territory at this rate, there was the NY Times scandal when a new bureau chief was FIRED for allegedly informing the wives of two prominent war correspondents, the wooly John Burns and his pistol-packing sidekick, Dexter Filkins, that their husbands had strayed.

  • Mike

    Get over it. She's a public figure and ergo it's fair game to talk about her sex life. Is it tacky? Absolutely. Is it relevant? Absolutely not. But it's no more shocking than the "she's a b*tch" stories we read about Couric, the "you'll never guess who Jennifer Aniston is shtupping", and don't I seem to recall credible journalist Babs Walters writing about her trist with a married man? As a man, I'm offended you're pulling the "shes getting it because she's a hot woman" card. With being a hot public personality come public scrutiny. Lara's a big girl, she doesn't need her sex whining for her.

  • James

    >>>I criticize her on her choice of men. Couldn’t you have found some guy in Iraq who was an actual government employee, and not a contractor?

    Excuse me, I am a contractor over here, and am offended by this. What are you trying to say? I am a military veteran, having served in Iraq, and yes, got a job asa contractor. What, because I am not a govt. employee I am garbage? We make much more than govt. employees, BTW, as they are taxed and we are not. Why the hatred against contractors? Jerk.

  • PL

    anyone who doubts Logan's intelligence needs to pull up the Stewart interview and just listen to it... People, hot or not, having affairs in a war zone is a story?...And her shot at CBS was not at all a minor thing. It was a shockingly direct disparaging of her bosses' news judgment and integrity. these revelations coming on the heels of that appearance have the whiff of a calculated smear.

  • Robert Carnegie

    Angela: thanks for the tip! I hesitate to say "More please" because I don't actually like sleaze, but if it's to correct an imbalance, then it's justified. And most of the journalists are male, I guess, so, statistically, most of the unchastity will be on that side. Probably even more than the proportion of the sexes would imply.

  • edwardallen

    Given the Judy Miller scandal, it is good to see the media aggressively outing these predatory reporters before they can do real damage to the companies that employ them.

  • jane doe

    Big deal. She's a tramp. Why should anyone care?

  • Bluto


  • Tom Paine

    She is gorgeous and smart which makes her INTERESTING not evil. If she was stupid, she'd still be on TV but if she was ugly no men would care.

  • Cuban Pete

    Look, until someone shows up with some nice hidden video of Lara taking the big one, don't call me. NOW, when the video shows up......YAAAAH BABY!!!!

  • paulette

    Ang, you are RIGHT ON! OMG, it is beyond ridiculous! Flings go on all the time in a war zone, since media coverage began. My ex was a former war journalist and confessed to me it was common practice, he looked at it as a last oppertunity to have sex, they all did it! I almost could understand, but I broke up with him when he planned to go back in the field. Not my cup of tea to worry about his life and faithfullness too. Seemed very unfair on me. I feel for Laura, but it is because she is a photogenic high profile war journalist! JUICY! But I just bet his wife leaked it to the press! All's fair in LOVE AND WAR! xp

  • Brian

    "Would we ever read these stories about a male correspondent? Or, say, (another) female journalist?"

    Yes, of course we would. It's about ethics, and that's news.

  • Big Dick Egyptian

    Succinct answer: NO!