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The Jersey Wall

Far as I can tell, only the great Thom Loverro looked into the Nats' last-minute cancellation of Sunday's scheduled jersey giveaway.

The team only told the disappointed 12-and-unders that they wouldn't be getting shirts because of "circumstances beyond our control."

But Loverro found "international intrigue" was behind the un-gifting.

"The Nationals giveaway jerseys, along with ones for the Marlins and Pirates," Loverro wrote, "were seized by customs and have been locked away, according to Major League Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney, though Courtney said they had no explanation for why they were seized."

Nationals president Stan Kasten told Loverro the same thing, and added that he "didn't expect to ever see those promotional jerseys again."

Just a hunch, but I bet for the next several years every Little League team with the offspring of U.S. Customs agents on it will be named "Nationals."

Good work, Thom!

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  • Reid

    Maybe, but then again, the ink used in those jerseys is probably pure lead. The shirts are probably at least 50/50 cotton-arsenic too.

    And cursed.