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Poll Results: Dan Snyder Goes Both Ways

Voting has slowed to almost nothingness in two Dan Snyder popularity polls, so City Desk is ready to declare that Snyder is beloved. And hated.

On the message board Snyder owns,extremeskins.commembers were asked to approve or disapprove of his "handling of the Redskins over the past few months."

The balloting was made public, so everybody could see who voted yay or nay. Since Snyder's moderators have a habit of berating his critics, or worse, that surely skewed voting.

Even so, and forgetting the home field advantage and the bogusly limited scope of the polling question — what can an owner do in May and June? — Snyder did very well: As of this morning, he was getting an 85 percent favorable rating from 

Snyder hasn't fared so great outside his house. Sports blogging icon and my regular Friday morning date Dan Steinberg also ran a Snyder poll on his DC Sports Bog

There, the vote was private, and voters were asked simply to "Approve" or "Disapprove" of Snyder.

At last check, Bad Snyder was pounding Good Snyder 57-42.

It could have been worse. Snyder was really getting crushed early in the Post's polling. But a windfall of positivity came into the Bog after Art Mills, the enforcer/propagandist at, started a thread on Snyder's site directing members to go vote.

Last time we talked, Mills, who is equal parts writing talent and full-of-crapness, told me he was paid by the team to write. Yet, far as I can tell, he won't divulge being on the Redskins payroll to his flock at

Just tell 'em, Art.

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  • SnyderSucks

    Popularity polls on a website dedicated to Redskins homers (extremeskins), and run by a bunch of Kool-Aid chugging Skins moderators is beyond biased.

    Doesn't surprise me that Snyder's payroll attempts to influence discussion of the Skins, ala George Michael and extremeskins.

    Good stuff, Dave.

  • Ron Burgandy

    The washington post hates the redskins ownership&FO,and the redskins fans who frequent the WP website tend to be of the "cup is half full" variety.

    neither poll is agenda free

  • Ron Burgandy

    blarg meant cup is "half empty"

  • zoony

    Funny stuff as always Dave. Cheers

  • zoony

    oh... and I'm serious, you should post on ES. it would be a lot of fun.

    If you don't already have an account, send over an email and we'll get you set up

  • Aireskoi

    So 85% approval = "very well"


    A slight edge of 57% disapproval = a "pounding"

    You and your logic are shot.

    Why don't you just say it, you are jealous of Dan Snyder and can't believe he owns the Redskins and you don't.

    Most ES members will have a koolaid smile when this team wins, and the haters will become "die-hard" lovers.

    Won't we all be so proud of Mr. Snyder when he hoists the Lombardi Trophy, and so glad we stuck behind him when others were taking cheap shots at him.

  • The Mayor of Fed Ex Field


    I just googled your name, and at first glance, thought you were some famous jazz musician from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I was wrong. You're just a no talent douchebag, writing for some primitive,low traffic news site. Washington City Paper? My MySpace account gets more hits that this piece of shit.

    3 facts I would like to point out.

    #1 You have proven time after time,you are anti Dan Snyder/Washington Redskins. We get the fucking point.

    #2 It's not just Redskin fans that think you are a douchebag, it's everybody. Your non talent isnt exposed by just your sports columns, it is exposed in every aspect of your writing.

    #3 You wish you were Dan Snyder, you wish you were Dan Steinberg, and you fucking know you wish you were Art Mills.

    See. Nobody likes you. You probably are single, drive a Prius, and watch transsexual porn on your company laptop.

    Do everyone a favor, pack your shit, and get the fuck out of here bitch.

    Damn. I think Dan Snyder beat you up in middle school.


    The Mayor of Fed Ex Field

    PS: You call 57% to 42% a pounding?

    PSS: We Redskin fans would do an approval poll on you, but its already a proven fact.

    You approve pole.

  • Dave McKenna

    Dear Mayor:

    jimi hendrix never got feedback this sweet from his stacks of marshalls. your bio of me is aces on all bases!

    well, except for the Prius.

    but why nitpick? this is fab.

    thanks for playing the feud!

  • Jim Rome



    IM OUT!

  • SO

    Here'a poll for you.

    Percentage of people who think your Art;s bitch: 80%
    Percentage of people who said you're there personal bitch:20%

    It's official, you're a bitch

  • The Truth

    Is it to late for me to cast my vote for Richard Dawson being my personal bitch?

  • SnyderSucks

    Foreskins fans calling people names on the internet, everyone read "Arguing For Dummies and Drunks."

    #1 fact about Mayor of Foreskins Field's "facts" are that those are stupid opinions.

    If you could all be midgets like Dan Snyder, you could jump kick Dave in the knee cap. Dan Steinberg > Art Mills.

  • Shadowplay

    Zoony, I'm sure Dave would love to be a member, but he'd probably end up breaking one of the 18 fucking rules that the site presents to people upon account creation. Thus he'd get banned.

    This is what the douchebags over at Extremeskins do, they bury their head in the sand concerning the message of the article and attack the messenger. Whether or not Dave MaKenna is a fan of this team or not or doesn't write love pieces about Dan Snyder doesn't matter. There isn't a member of the Washington media that hasn't taken a beating on that site for comments deemed negative about the Skins. The issue is who at extremeskins thought it would be a good idea to encourage the non-partial homers of that site to go over to the post poll and vote 'yay' for Snyder? More over, who is really shocked that there are some people who are using this as another example of complete over the top homerism that resides on that board, directed by the moderators?