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Ambulances for Abortions?

Today's Washington Post article about pro-life pharmacies refusing to dispense birth control pills and condoms, and ambulance drivers refusing to take women for abortions, raises important questions, like: Are women really taking ambulances to their abortions? I've never heard of that before.

I called American Medical Response—an ambulance company in Northeast—to ask if they'd ever heard of a woman being taken by ambulance to get an abortion. A dispatcher named Kiesha sounded flabbergasted at the suggestion.

"An ambulance? To get an abortion?" she said. "No, I've never heard of that."

My sample of one having said her piece, I wonder—have you ever heard of anyone taking an ambulance to get an abortion? And if it turns out that no one takes ambulances to get abortions in the first place, does it matter if ambulance drivers are refusing to take women to their abortions?

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  • Jon

    I've never heard of it, and in emergency situations where both the mother an fetus will die unless the fetus is removed (i.e. ectopic pregancy) no one, no matter how pro-life, would refuse to do that. I suspect this is just the journalist at the Daily Worker- um, I mean, Washington Post, trying to be dramatic by extending the logic to a hypothetical that doesn't exist.

  • Darby

    Like Jon said, I suspect it's a case of a women who has an ectopic and is need of lifesaving care. I actually had a friend who this happened too and she was taken to the ER via ambulance. While I'm pro-life, I can also see and support the need for an ambulance if a women undergoes an abortion and suffers life-threatening complications after the procedure. Now, if I were a dispatcher and had some women call for an ambulance b/c she wanted a ride to the hospital for an abortion, I'd likely tell her to call a cab or better yet, walk.

  • Gabe

    first off, we are called emt's, not ambulance drivers. but i have had a woman have her bf beat her up to cause an emergency in which an abortion was required.

  • sa’nyia

    i have never heard of a woman taking a ambulance to get an abortion. they usuall just take a car and set up an appointment. that's crazy!