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Vinny Cerrato vs. Jason La Canfora: Who’s Gonna Blink?

It looks like the Washington Post/Redskins feud could be impacting the copy at the sports page.

The last two Skins features by beat reporter Jason La Canfora, against whom the Redskins have mounted a juvenile PR campaign, have been incredibly kind to the organization. The stories have heaped attention on new personnel guy Morocco Brown's great fabulous attitude and Clinton Portis' new great fabulous attitude.

The only hint of negativity in the pieces, and clearly the stick-out line in each, comes when La Canfora makes sure readers know Vinny Cerrato, the team's GM-on-steroids, has put him on his ignore list: "Cerrato, who declined requests to comment for this story..." and "Cerrato, who declined to comment for this story..." respectively.

The disclosures read less like a reporter's due diligence than an announcement: "Hey, everybody! Vinny won't talk to me even when I'm blowing him kisses!"

And now I can't wait to read La Canfora's next feature...

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  • Jeff

    Yeah, it definitely seems juvenile of the Skins to withhold comments. How would La Canfora blink? Is there something the Redskins want from him that he's not doing?

  • Berndt

    The problem I think the Skins have is what I have as a Post reader. Two stories that don't bash the Redskins stand out like a sore thumb. Seriously, does it really deserve a blog article when the beat writer has two stories that don't bash the team he covers. JLC is a little over the top and I think the Skins want to keep him more even keel. Not unrealistic expectations for a team.

  • Alex35332

    I think the issue is that the Skins front office cant take any criticism, and the Post, being the big paper has JLC a solid reporter and not some homer fan doing the beat. JLC actually questions things like, dan snyders finances with regard to his other businesses and how that may impact the skins in the future and then gets letters from the Skins lawyers trying to go after him for reporting that.

    The supposed marketing genius Dan Snyder seems to be unable to interact with reporters.

    For full discloser I am a JLC loyalist, and part of the Redskins Insider Coked Up Hampster Nation.

  • The Truth

    The sad thing here is that Vinny actually knows who JLC is. But if you ask Vinny about Dave McWhatever, he'll respond with "Who?".

  • Dave McKenna

    Mr. The Truth:
    and if you ask Vinny about The Truth, he'll say; "Isn't he the guy who can't help himself from responding to Dave McWhatever's blog posts?"

    geezus chrysler, Mr. The Truth, how long have you been blog-stalking me?

    i mean, i'm clearly in this for the attention, but you're scaring me!

    but, yet again, Mr. The Truth, i gotta say: Thanks for playing the feud!

  • The Truth

    Blogstalking? You should copyright that. The residual income alone from it would pay better then the WCP. :)