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“So” Is Not a Period

A based-on-real-events overheard conversation in D.C.:

Girl 1: Did you like the movie? I thought it was fun, but I didn’t like the ending?
Girl 2: Yeah, the ending was, like, too depressing for me. But the characters were really likable so…
Girl 1: It’s still early? Let’s get a drink? There’s this great bar a block away?
Girl 2: OK. I wonder if they have mojitos. I love mojitos so…
Girl 1: Yeah, I, like, totally love mojitos?
Girl 2: I wonder why I can’t just end a sentence. Why do I always trail off with so? So…
Girl 1: I don’t know? Why can’t I speak without turning everything into a question? It’s weird?
Girl 2: And annoying so…

What the hell, people! This is, like, totally going to ruin your day, but start listening for people who end their sentences with the word “so.” Or with an unnecessary inflection. It will drive you crazy.

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  • Mike DeBonis

    My linguistics training has taught me this sort of thing is prescriptivist nitpicking---but it's still annoying.

    But more annoying to me are the numerous members of the Fenty administration---notably Michelle Rhee---who, when asked a question, always start their responses with, "So..."

  • Mike Licht

    Seamus Heaney's award-winning translation of Beowulf begins:

    "So . . .

  • KCinDC

    The questioner is only following the example of Our Leader.

  • JB

    Amen, sister!

    Also annoying: people who say "rahh-ther" instead of "rather." When did this begin? Why do people do this?

  • Andrew Beaujon

    It is in Ireland.