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Shaw Killed Chevy LUV

A year or so ago, my boyfriend bought a 1979 Chevy LUV truck from upstate New York. It was old. It was rusty. It had some holes. But it was a good little truck. It'd been through a lot. Who knows how much hay it hauled or how many bumpy back roads it traversed. That good little truck survived the drive from New York to D.C. And it survived little trips around the city. (Except for that one time it broke down in the Whole Foods parking lot, which I think it did on purpose out of protest.)

But this good little truck couldn't survive Shaw.

Some hooligan shot out the back window of the Chevy LUV. I can only assume it was a BB gun because of the small hole it left in the window, which turned into a spider web of cracks. (Who the hell buys their kid a BB gun in the city, I have no idea. I guess no one worried he would shoot his eye out.) Turns out you can't find a replacement window for a 1979 Chevy LUV. So the truck’s trips were limited to street-cleaning moves, letting its engine sit all too idle.

This morning, I tried to move the truck for street cleaning. I got in and shut the door, broken glass fell on my back as usual. I tried to start it several times but only got an ear-piercing squeal and many stalls. Then the Chevy LUV bled a green-black liquid down the street. RIP, Chevy LUV. You were no match for Shaw.

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  • Jay Raddy

    Welcome to Washington, DC.

  • creative meatlessloaf

    ...because kids with BB guns shooting at things is unique to DC

  • Jamie

    Probably a 22. Who buys their kids BB guns, indeed? They all have real firearms already.

  • Reid

    Umm, ok I see the connection that some punk kid shooting out your window had something to do with Shaw. But what does the fact that your million-year old car finally broke down have to do with Shaw? Did some homeless guy run off with your water pump? Did some Maryland Church goer doublepark all over your sparkplugs?

  • Kim Gooden

    Jamie: I thought a 22 at first, too, but I imagine a 22 would have made it through the windshield as well. Thoughts?

    Reid: It was a domino effect. We couldn't drive it because the window was gone. It died of under use.

  • Ryan Grim

    Ain't no BB going through a back window. A side window, yeah (trust me). I'm betting it was a pellet gun.

  • Eaton

    Get thou to a pick-n-pull and keep that beast on the road. A classic for sure.
    Also makes an awesome drag car.