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One More District Resident For You To Avoid

The best local blog I've stumbled upon so far: Things Rachael and I Argue About, the diary of a District man's relationship with his roommate and her creeping insanity. The site details the fascinating spiral of increasingly unbelievable interactions that brew between the blogger and Rachael, a woman who shares his room, and consumes his life. According to the blog's FAQ:

Q: Did this really happen?

Meet Rachael:

Rachael: Why did you lock the bathroom door?
Me: for privacy?
Rachael: are you afraid I'm going to come in there?
Me: no, just a privacy thing
Rachael: yeah right, you don't trust me
Me: How did you know the door was locked?

In about forty posts (written over an unknown period of time), the blogger detailed all of Rachael's threats, insults, condescending asides, temper tantrums, and accusations. Then, Rachael found the website. He writes:

Rachael found this webpage. It's not that I think she's going to kill me or anything, but she's just nuts enough to make me genuinely scared for my life. So I'm printing out several copies of this and signing it as testimony, should something bad happen. Knowing her was perhaps the worst thing that happened in my life, and it left me emotionally tortured, financially devistated, and all around feeling a hopelessness for humanity.

The blog hasn't been updated since I found it last week.

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  • JH

    She is insane. I had a roomie that was similar to her. Blamed me for the fact she couldn't get dates (what!?), blamed me for the fact that the dishes were dirty, blamed me that she couldn't quit smoking cigarettes...etc.

    Some people just can't take responsibility for their actions and their faults and like to take it out on others. I lasted five months with my crazy roommate. I am happily living alone!

    Great blog - quite funny and disturbing.

  • ts

    Just read the whole site. He was clearly sleeping with her and while shes somewhat obsessive, i can bet the whole story isn't being told.

  • Amanda Hess

    I think we have to wait for "Things [Blogger] And I Argue About," by Rachael ...

  • Sam

    I'm with ts on this one—something else is up. It's a funny blog, but the guy does seem to have a weird obsession with her.