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Jack Throws Support to Obama

LL's on the scene at the Kennedy Rec Center in Shaw, where Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans is holding his re-election kickoff party.

In the company of council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Evans announced minutes ago he's throwing his support behind Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Evans had been a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, co-chairing her campaign in the District. Earlier this month, he'd been elected by local Democrats to serve as an at-large delegate pledged to Clinton.

Asked to explain his move, Evans cited "just the momentum that was going behind it." He says he left a message with the Clinton campaign about the decision but was not able to speak with the senator before making the announcement today.

"It's important for the city that we have a good relationship with the next president," Evans says.

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  • Nikki

    What a total wimp - I can't believe people like this run for office - no wonder our country is in the state it's in. People voted for Hillary and this man is capitalizing on exploiting that. What total lack of character... Well what goes around comes around. Get ready Jack.

  • Skipper

    When you think of political courage and loyalty....don't think Jack Evans.

  • Alyse

    Well, to be fair, Hillary did say there was no such thing a as a pledged delegate. Seems like she's getting what she deserves.

  • Miri NY

    Bravo for Evans. Back in 2000 our craven NY Dem leadership handed the nomination to a person who didn't know the Catskills from Canarsie. She won only bcs Rudy got sick.
    She has done nothing for our state. For example, the ordinary working people including first responders who were affected by 9/11 are getting no federal help. NYC a 2 time terrorist target has to fight for funds.
    Now she has betrayed everything NY stands for by her racist appeals & tactics. (Let's not forget the attack on Wall Street one of the engines of our economy.)
    Yet our NY Dem "leaders" cravenly support this racist corrupt carpetbagger.

  • Sean

    Miri, get your facts straight. Rudy was far behind in the polls long before his cancer diagnosis. And non-resident Congress people are nothing new to American politics.
    As for Clinton's track record in office, her record is enviable. She's gotten health care for Iraq national guard veterans, increased the death benefit to dependent military families and that's to say nothing of her positive polling and popularity among NY'ers.
    Your divisive, inflammatory insults do nothing to enhance the debate in this election cycle, and serve only to showcase your breathtaking lack of concern for the nation's (or NY's) well-being.

  • anonymous

    Jack Evans is not to be trusted ever. He should disapear from the DC political scene. It doesn't matter anymore who he supports his word is worthless.