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A Few Thoughts About Guam

If Catholics prefer Hillary, and Guam is overwhelmingly Catholic, then how did Obama win Guam? Is it the islander connection—Obama being from Hawaii, which is the New York of Micronesia? Is it, as Slate suggests, that Catholics generally prefer Hillary because they don't want to support a non-Caucasian candidate—which presumably isn't an issue in Guam, where the majority of the island's people and politicians are non-Caucasian?

a Catholic church in southern Guam


I'm still looking for my amusing Christmas photos of Santas riding on Guamanian rooftops, under blue blue skies; they're around, but have gotten lost on my computer

As a former resident of that part of the world, I have sent off some emails to smart friends involved with Micronesian politics to see what they think about Obama's seven-vote victory. I'm curious what they have to say about it.

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  • Nate

    The question that I have is how did he only win by 7 votes in a caucus state that he staffed and phone banked when Hillary had no presence. After the recount, it is possible he will end up losing. It is becoming more clear that he would lose to McCain.

  • Anderson

    Are you seriously comparing the Guam Catholics who can not vote in the general election to Catholics here on the mainland? This is not a valid argument. I also agree with Nate. Staff and phone banking and all he could get was 7 votes? Pathetic. Maybe the other islanders were clinging to God and Guns or something.

  • Mangilao

    And the answer is Carl Gutierrez. Carl is still Carl. Check the votes in the southern villages.

  • Marriner

    Either quit smoking cigarettes or smoke smarter...