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Via Don Rockwell, I just came across Gridskipper's list of D.C.'s most overrated restaurants. Their top choice is Lauriol Plaza, but they also include some surprises like Jaleo and Central. While I wasn't impressed with Central (to be fair, I've dined there only once), I've never heard anything but raves about that place. What do you all think? What are D.C.'s overrated restaurants?

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  • DcRat

    I saw that list too and I cannot believe Central was on the list especially since the opinion was based on heresay. I've only been once and loved the place. I can easily agree on Lauriol Plaza however.

  • Listener

    I agree that Lauriol Plaza isn't all that great, but has anyone actually said it was? I'm not sure something can be considered "overrated" if no one thinks it's better than mediocre.

  • Jim

    Good point, Listener. Lauriol Plaza's food is garbage, but come to think of it, it has never really gotten good reviews and I've never heard anyone say anything good about the food. And Central being on the list is ridiculous. The food there is fantastic.

  • Erin

    I've been to Central a few times...the first two times, it was amazing, and then I was there a week or so ago and it was just, well, okay. It was good, but it was no where near what I had remembered it to be. So...take that for what you will!

  • Ryan Grim

    Erin, Are you aware that nuanced opinions are forbidden in the blogosphere? I'm not sure if that includes this blog, though.